The telehandlers we have in our range for sale in Brisbane have been carefully considered for the SE QLD market, and we really try to embed ourselves in prominent industries to keep the selection relevant. With that, we are also flexible and a service-first operation, so anything we do not currently have in our Brisbane fleet can be sourced from one of our other HQs across the country. It’s important that you never feel you compromised on this big ticket item just due to stock. If you want it, we will go to great lengths to get it for you. 

Our telehandlers are available in new and used, with great benefits for either choice. For new telehandlers, you can take advantage of state-of-the-art technology, innovation and functionality, and used telehandlers are an incredible opportunity to have an industry-leading telehandler brand that fits your budget. 

We are a trusted and reliable telehandler dealer that can give you peace of mind that whatever machine you purchase, it will be one that has been very well maintained, serviced and cared for. 


Types of products and brands in our telehandler stock

Our telehandler products and brands are industry-leading, highly reputable, including the exceptional Magni. From heavy telehandlers to rotating telehandlers and accessories, we have something for everyone in the market for a quality machine. 


All Lift team’s telehandler experience

We aren’t just in the business of selling telehandlers, we are also highly experienced in a lot of the industries we’re selling them into. We know everything about the machines, and also how they work and function onsite. This makes a big difference in the model you choose for your worksite and projects. 

Our accumulated and personal experience amounts to decades of knowledge and understanding of how these machines work in certain industries and environments. We’ll be able to walk you through the right considerations and thought processes to ensure you walk out the door with the right telehandler purchase. 

Personalised advice and competitive prices

This high level of expertise means we can offer second-to-none personalised advice and guidance. It means we can build a relationship with our customers that goes beyond a sale date; we are here to help and support you throughout the entire experience, including any assistance you need after purchase.

With our exceptional customer service, we also offer competitive prices that make high quality telehandlers accessible to a wide range of customers at different stages of business growth. 

Servicing and repairs

To solidify our assurance of top quality customer service, we offer servicing, repairs and spares to all of our loyal customers in both buying and hiring of telehandlers. 

Learn more about our servicing and repairs for telehandlers in Brisbane

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Want to know more?
Telehandler operator hire available

While you might know you need a permanent telehandler on your worksite, you may not have gotten around to your own licence, or are between operators at the moment. We are able to assist with reliable and qualified telehandler operator hire in Brisbane who can complete all tasks required, and keep your worksite safe and productive.

What areas do we service

We service the South East Queensland areas, including Brisbane and the Gold Coast. If you are unsure if we service your area, please call our friendly team today. If we are unable to commit to the job, we can assist you in finding a telehandler for sale in your area.

Looking to buy a telehandler in Brisbane? Contact us today! 

Alternatively, you might be looking to hire a telehandler before you buy.

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