All Connect, powered by Teletrack, uses black box technology through a wireless device that integrates information onto a smart phone app which is easily accessed by the hire company, the operator and the worksite manager.

The operator will need to scan a QR code before operating the machine, which will verify the qualifications of the operator and have them answer a questionnaire before the machine will be able to start. This means, the machine will not start manually without these quick safety and accreditation checks. 

The information provided will include who operated the machine and when, the exact GPS location of the machine at all times, operator licence qualifications, and any other machine information that is relevant. 

The telematics technology holds a host of benefits to both All Lift as the hire company and to our customers who hire from us. The tracking device safeguards you and your team with easily identifiable GPS data for any instances of theft, and it helps ensure there’s no accidental use of machines by people on the worksite that they are not licenced for (the data will also flag out-of-date licences). 

They also save fuel by removing any instances of unnecessary idling (such as in the case of operator change-overs), and are a great tool for on site managers keeping a finger on the pulse of productivity ebbs and flows, finding what can be changed and what is working. Your team can also feel an extra sense of safety and security that options for inaccurate use of machines is being eliminated.

Since adopting the telematics system, Hindmarsh are using All Lift machines exclusively, and are experiencing unprecedented capabilities that protect them, their worksite and our machines.

Benefits of Telematics

All Connect telematics, powered by Teletrack, can be enormously beneficial to your worksite's safety, productivity and accountability by offering functionality such as:

  • Full control over every machine on site (including for subbies)
  • All inductions are done and signed off by the operator NOT your team
  • Utilisation tracking with individual usage report
  • Pre-start checks are digital and the machine will not start unless the pre-start is passed
  • ALL safety paperwork is digital and accessible off the QR code
  • EVERYTHING accessible from 1x QR code on the machine
  • Greater opportunity in your tender process with the inclusion of telematics and its safety features
  • Less 7am truck deliveries
  • Complete operator accountability
  • No wasted time when a sub-contractor has the labour but no machine to get the job done
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What is telematics?

A wireless data collecting and reading device that integrates the specs of the machine (including its GPS positioning and who is operating it, and when) through an app, accessed by the operator, the site manager and the hire company.

How can telematics help me on site?

When you’re on a worksite that has big machines doing big jobs, it’s vital that only licensed operators are working. Telematics ensures that only those with valid and up-to-date qualifications are operating an All Lift machine. In fact, the machine simply won’t start without it! There should be no room for error when it comes to machine operating, as the consequences can be deadly. 

How can telematics help my business?

A safe work site is a productive work site. Cutting corners anywhere can be dangerous, but it is especially so for operator qualifications matching the machine they’re on. Aside from that very vital safety component, though, there are other benefits to your business. The data collected can assist in you better identifying how machines are working on your site, and if that is contributing to

greater productivity, or if there are adjustments you can make. That could be changing up the machine you’re using, or adjusting processes. 

What is the purpose of telematics?

Telematics safeguards everyone involved in the operation of a hire machine. Hire companies can ensure the protection of their machines, particularly in cases of theft, where they will be able to find a machine’s position quickly and easily; and site managers can ensure that safety is assured as only licenced operators can start the machine, and that ultimate productivity is being achieved. Operators can also feel protected that their worksite is safe and that there is proof they accurately handled the machine.

Is Telematics a GPS?

Telematics incorporates GPS tracking functionality into its technology, but that is not its only power. The GPS is able to record exactly where the machine is at all times to help prevent theft, and assist in the instances where it may occur.

What happens if the telematic technology flags something is wrong?

The best time to identify an issue is as soon as possible. Whether that is valid qualifications of an operator, a machine issue or an instance of theft, this system can have us troubleshoot asap and get everyone on the road to rectifying as soon as possible. All information will be sent immediately via the app to the appropriate people to be able to fix the issue right away, whatever that may be. 

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