We supply our Brisbane customers with a wide range of telehandler products that suit small to large scale jobs, with our industry-leading makes and models. We proudly stock Manitou, Dieci and Magni in our fleet, and offer a trustworthy, reliable and transparent service that gives customers a positive experience from start to finish. We take meticulous care of our machines to keep them as good as new, and cater to the predominant industries in Brisbane (and any job that requires a telehandler, big or small!). 


Types of telehandlers we hire in Brisbane 

We are extremely proud of the range of telehandlers we are able to bring to the table for our Brisbane customers. From Manitou to Dieci, and the impressive Magni, there isn’t a telehandler job that we can’t cater to with one of our high quality machines. 

We have machine capabilities to suit all jobs, from big to small, residential to commercial and industrial. Our telehandler range has a weight capacity between 2.5 tonnes and 50 tonnes, and reach of between 6m and 51m. 


Our experience with telehandlers for hire in Brisbane 

We are a team dedicated to the customer experience, and the quality of our products. The reason we have such passion for the business is our collective experience with telehandlers (and all machines, actually) both in the hire industry and in the industries that you’re in. Coming from all walks of life, the All Lift team offer unparalleled insight into how worksites operate with telehandlers, and the nuanced needs from a model, and the track record of individual telehandlers. Paired together, and we have an unstoppable force that you can trust, rely upon and relate to. 

This carefully created team means that you are never wasting time or money on an All Lift telehandler hire; we listen, find out what you want, work with you on finding the right machine for that job, and offer hire period options that suit your needs. 

Servicing and repairs

Hiring a telehandler in our Brisbane office means you are getting a machine that is top notch, and will more than fulfil expectations. However, we are also realistic, and life happens. Machines, no matter how meticulously maintained, are bound to succumb to some working hurdles. So, we have a convenient, to-your-worksite servicing and repairs option that will have any issues quickly and efficiently seen to. 

Learn more about our servicing and repairs for telehandlers in Brisbane.

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Want to know more?
Operator hire for telehandlers in Brisbane

If you don’t have a telehandler licence, or don’t have a person onsite who is a qualified operator, we have operator hire options that provide experienced and qualified operators to perform any telehandler task. Simply enquire about this service during the hire process.

Short and long term telehandler hire

Telehandler hire in Brisbane is for any job, as short as a day and as long as years for an ongoing hire period. We can create flexible hiring schedules and work to the ebbs and flows of your worksite and industry as best we can.

Where in Brisbane do we service?

We look after Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. To find out if your area is covered under the All Lift service umbrella, simply give our friendly team a call and chat about the possible hiring options.

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