We will find and secure any parts our customers require! Whatever you need we can have it ready for you quickly and efficiently. We understand that a forklift (or access equipment and accessories) is only as good as its parts, and it’s never a good idea to put shoddy spare parts in any machine. To ensure our fleet is always above and beyond working order, we only supply top quality parts, and always at competitive prices. 

We have parts for:

  • Engine components

  • Electrical

  • Frame

  • Hydraulic 

  • Drive, and so much more!

Our spare parts for forklifts and other machines are available throughout Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle. 

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It’s not just the products we take pride in, it’s also the service we provide. Our process is built to serve an efficient and positive experience with All Lift from beginning to end, and beyond. We will go to great lengths to find anything and everything you require when it comes to machine parts! While forklifts are our forte, we can provide anything you need for access equipment and accessories, too. 

Our process typically looks like this:

  • Work with you to identify the right part

  • Quote detailing cost, ETA and freight charge (no surprise fees!)

  • Turnaround time is as fast as we can make it, without missing any vital steps. If the part is available, it is a lot faster. If not, we check ETA directly from the supplier. 

  • We have a third party courier to deliver ANYWHERE in Australia.

Our National Spare Parts Store is located in Sydney. We go out of our way to help customers with even the most unusual parts that other companies cannot access. We supply spare parts for a range of brands including Crown, Toyota, Liugong and many more. 

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What spare parts can I access?

Anything! We have had customers come to us who have been turned away by countless companies who simply couldn’t find what they were looking for. We go to the ends of the earth (if need be!) to find what you need, and have it delivered to you as quickly as possible. If we don’t have it, we go directly to the supplier, even for the most obscure of parts. We won’t stop looking until we find it. If it’s a part for a forklift, access equipment or accessory, we will find it for you.

Can you order in specific spare parts?

You bet! In fact, more often than not requests are for specific parts rather than a whole range. Typically, there’s just one thing not quite working and needs a quick replacement. You don’t even need to know straight away what that is. After talking with you a bit through the issue, one of our highly skilled forklift experts will be able to nut it out for you.

How do I order?

Simply contact us. All we need to find out from you is exactly the part you need, even if that conversation starts with you looking for a ‘thingamajig, you know?’. We will be able to eventually work out exactly what that is and create a quote for you. Once the quote is accepted, we’ll organise that part for you and get it to you ANYWHERE in the country.

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