Adelaide has a really exciting array of industries that we have been thrilled to be part of since opening up in SA. From agriculture and manufacturing, to farming, warehouse, construction and even wineries, there are some unique requirements to the Adelaide market. With that, our fleet here has been carefully selected to cater to those requirements. We want to ensure that the investment in buying a telehandler is never one paired with regret. We’ll always strive to stock what we see as being prominent telehandlers for Adelaide, but will also go to any lengths to secure the right telehandler for you as soon as possible if we don’t. 

We have heavy telehandlers, rotational telehandlers and attachments in both new and used options, with great benefits applied to each. 

New telehandlers give the benefit of being the most up to date technology, functionality and innovation. You know you’re in the first line up of people to experience the best the industry has to offer currently, and peace of mind that you will be investing in a telehandler that you can own from its day one of use. 

Used telehandlers have proven their worth over and over, and are incredibly reliable, sturdy and hard working machines when they have been as meticulously maintained and cared for as they have with All Lift. They are also a great option when your budget is strict. 


Types of product and brands in our telehandler Adelaide fleet

We stock only the best brands, models and products of telehandlers, including the industry-leading Magni

From new to used telehandlers for sale, each and every machine has the All Lift quality guarantee, backed by the industry’s support and continued agreement on the top telehandler brand. 

We ensure each machine has a rigorous maintenance schedule and is in perfect condition upon sale. 


All Lift Adelaide telehandler experience

Our team is a super talented lot, and not just for their knowledge about machines specifically, or even the hiring and buying process of telehandlers. A big part of their talents lie in what they did before they got to All Lift. Many of us came up through the ranks of the very industries we work with today, the industries you’re in. This gives us a unique insight into the true requirements of worksites, and how telehandlers fit into that environment; hindering if it’s the wrong fit, and significantly improving when it’s the right one. Particularly when buying a telehandler, you want your pick to be the right one. 

We amount to decades of experience, both collectively and for some individuals, and can offer a buying experience like no other. 

Personalised advice and competitive prices

With this breadth of experience comes personalised advice that can’t be replicated. We know the right questions to ask, the right machines to guide you to, and offer ongoing support, even if you’ve come in thinking you know what you want (it’s not to say you won’t be right, we just triple check that that’s the case!). 

Along with our dedication for exceptional customer service, we prioritise offering competitive and fair pricing for the market. If you have queries regarding prices, price matching and finding the best machine for your budget, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

Servicing, repairs and operator hire

With this dedication to quality, we also offer servicing, repair, maintenance and parts where required, and can come to where you are to fix any issues, cutting out any financial and time burdens. 

Learn more about our servicing and repairs for telehandlers in Adelaide

We also offer experienced licensed telehandler operator hire in Adelaide to come out and complete whatever telehandler services required.

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Areas we service in Adelaide

We service Adelaide and greater Adelaide. If you are unsure if we service your area, please call our friendly team today. We can also help you in finding a telehandler for sale in your area.

Looking to buy a telehandler in Adelaide? Contact us today! 

Alternatively, you might be looking to hire a telehandler in Adelaide before you buy.


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