Not all telehandlers are made the same, and at All Lift we have been very deliberate in selecting our range to service our Adelaide customers. It was important that our telehandler capabilities ran the gamut of project sizes and needs, while also offering only the best brand in the business. For us, that is Manitou, Magni and Dieci; trusted, reliable, functional and innovative, and made for the leading industries in the Adelaide market. 


Types of telehandlers we hire in Adelaide 

Our Adelaide range of telehandlers offers the brands we truly believe in, and who are also leaders in the machine industry: Magni, Dieci and Manitou. We maintain our telehandlers for hire on a strict schedule to ensure they are always top quality, and as close to new as we can keep them. It’s all about offering a high level, reliable machine in a way that’s convenient and cost effective. We also want to ensure that our machines are covering a multitude of needs across a range of workistes and scope. Our telehandlers for hire in Adelaide have a weight load limit of between 2.5 tonnes and 50 tonnes, and a reach range between 6m and 51m.  


Our experience with telehandlers for hire in Adelaide

While our machines are second-to-none, it’s equally important that our team stand up to that reputation too. Indeed, they have crafted that reputation, particularly in Adelaide. Being the newbies to the state, and veterans in the industry, we have been tasked in striking the balance of earning trust, while imparting knowledge and experience. It has been a successful venture on both counts. 

We come from all walks of life, and a multitude of industries: from coming up the ranks in telehandler hire, to previously working in the very industries our customers do. This is enormously helpful to have people who have walked in the shoes of customers, and so can empathise, understand and effectively direct them to the exact right telehandler for the job. 

Our experience is broad, and our understanding of machines and the needs of hire services is deep; this is the All Lift point of difference that cannot be replicated. We are dedicated to the maintenance and quality of our telehandlers, and ensuring that our customers get a customer service experience that will have them wanting to be part of the All Lift family.  

Servicing and repairs

Once you hire a telehandler from our Adelaide arm, you want to ensure that your machine is going to be reliable throughout the entire hire period. We offer convenient servicing and repairs to all our hire customers, even coming out to the site to conduct any work required to keep your workflow running smoothly.

Learn more about our servicing and repairs for telehandlers in Adelaide.

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Want to know more?
Operator hire for telehandlers in Adelaide

If you don’t have a telehandler licence, or don’t have a person onsite who is a qualified operator, we have operator hire options that provide experienced and qualified operators to perform any telehandler task. Simply enquire about this service during the hire process.

Short and long term telehandler hire

Whatever the scope and time frame of your project or job, we have a telehandler hire option suitable for your needs. From a day to a year, and everything in between, we can create a flexible hire period that works with your schedule at the time of hire, and work with you through any changes that might occur during it.

Where in Adelaide do we service?

We service Adelaide and greater Adelaide areas. If you are unsure if that includes your area, call us at any time to discuss your options. We are happy to help, even if that is directing you to a service we are comfortable recommending. 

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