Our range of telehandlers in Newcastle NSW have been selected based on what we see as the most sought after makes and models for the industries that make Newcastle what it is. Our fleet is able to assist in these prominent jobs and projects to ensure greater productivity, safety and efficiency. However, we are selling to an individual with specific requirements, and don’t take that responsibility for granted. We will go to great lengths to find the right telehandler for you, as quickly as possible, if we do not have it currently stocked in our Newcastle HQ. 

Our new range of telehandlers offer the latest in functionality, technology and innovative design, and you know that you are working on a machine that is leading the machine industry forward. 

Our used range is hearty, reliable and meticulously maintained to give you the highest quality machine, with a proven track record, without losing sight of the fact that budget still matters. 

Whatever telehandler you’re looking for, All Lift will help you get it. 


Types of product and brands in our telehandler stock

Our products and brands in our telehandler fleet are chosen from our knowledge of industry-leaders and what works in both the broader Australian market, and in the individual cities and regions we cater to. This, proudly, includes global powerhouse Magni, and a range of heavy telehandlers, rotating telehandlers and accessories.  


All Lift telehandler experience

We have been part of the machine selling and hiring industry for many many years, and have a great deal of experience, as a team, in this industry. However, our experience is not limited to just this… Many of our team have backgrounds in the very industries our customers are seeking to embed a telehandler into. This allows us to understand on a deeper level the requirements of our customers, and what their needs are in relation to the worksite goals they discuss when seeking a telehandler. 

With our collective, and sometimes individual, decades of experience, we can provide second-to-none customer service during your experience of being in the market for a telehandler. It will never feel like you’re being hit with the hard sell; our aim, and only aim, is to ensure your worksite is running productively, efficiently and safely with the help of a quality machine. 

Personalised advice and competitive prices

With that experience comes great pride in being able to provide personalised advice to our customers that can extend beyond the machine itself. With All Lift you have a support network for life. We’ll help you with narrowing down to the telehandler you want and need, assisting with any accessories you might require now and down the road, and help you with really any question we are equipped to answer! 

It’s also important that our telehandlers be as accessible as possible, so we offer highly competitive, fair prices. Talk to us today about prices, and your budget needs. 

Servicing and repairs

While our main service is in selling (and hiring) machines, we extend our support a lot further than that. To all customers, we supply servicing, repairs and parts to keep your machine in tip top shape for many many years to come. 

Learn more about our servicing and repairs for telehandlers in Newcastle

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Want to know more?
Operator hire available

A lot of our customers in the market for a telehandler to buy already have a licence to operate, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of instances where that is not the case. You could be directing the project, working on getting a licence, or are in between operators. In these cases, we offer highly experienced, qualified telehandler operator hire in Newcastle for short and longer term contracts.

Areas we service in Newcastle

We service Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter region. If you don’t know if you fall into these areas, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team today to enquire. 

Looking to buy a telehandler in Newcastle? Contact us today! 

Alternatively, you might be looking to hire a telehandler before you buy.


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