Our range of telehandlers for sale in Melbourne, Victoria have been purposely selected to suit the needs of the most prominent industries in the area. Our telehandlers can achieve incredible work across a number of different industries, jobs and projects, and we want to ensure that the perfect one for you is in stock and ready to go. In saying that, we are ready to order any model machine you need and will go to great lengths to have it delivered to you in a timely and efficient manner. 

Our heavy telehandlers and rotational handlers (plus attachments) are offered for sale new and used. There are benefits to both, and it’s all about getting one that fits your needs, and budget, without sacrificing quality. 

New telehandlers can include the latest innovation and technology, as well as the unmistakable appeal of ‘brand spanking new’ (we get it!). You know that it’s state of the art, and you’ll be the one and only owner, so can confidently count on the maintenance schedule being achieved and that it has generally been well looked after.

Used telehandlers, when from a reliable supplier like All Lift, can be a fantastic option too. You can still buy high tech telehandlers that have been very well maintained and as-new as possible. They are your best bet for getting the best machine you can that is also cost-effective.


Types of products and brands in our telehandler stock

Our telehandlers for sale include highly reputable brands and models, and we proudly stock industry-leader Magni

For all of our machines, new and used, we are focused on stocking only the best in the market; from reliable and efficient used telehandlers and attachments to new, innovative and higher tech machines. 

Which is going to achieve the jobs you need for your worksite? That’s for us to help you work out.


All Lift Melbourne telehandler experience

There are plenty of amazing things we could rattle off about our team, but keeping your time in mind we thought we’d just speak of the huge amount of experience they bring to the table that ensures you’re dealing with more than just a sales team, they’re experts in our field, and yours. 

Most of the team started out in the industries you’re in, working with the machines on a customer end, knowing what machines are suitable for what job, what can happen if you get the wrong machine, and how to ensure you’re always thrilled with your purchase. 

Our accumulated and individual experience gives us an edge to understanding your needs through a real life lens, and will always prioritise them over just getting a sale. 

Personalised advice and competitive prices

Along with that experience and passion comes our ability to offer personalised and specialised advice. You don’t need to have all the answers when you come into All Lift or give us a call. We know the right questions to ask to nut out what your requirements are, right down to the last detail, and how our telehandlers can help.

Buying a telehandler is a big decision and investment, you want to make sure you’ve got the best deal for the best quality. We make it a priority to keep ourselves informed on the market value of our machines, and list them for highly competitive prices. If you have any questions regarding price, price matching and working within your budget, our team are here and ready to help. 

Servicing, repairs and operator hire

Our services don’t stop at the sale. We also offer invaluable servicing, repairs and parts, and can even come out to your worksite to assist with anything you need in this space. 

Learn more about our servicing and repairs for telehandlers in Melbourne, or contact repairs enquiries at service@alllift.com.au.

We also offer experienced licensed telehandler operator hire in Melbourne to come out and complete whatever telehandler work required. 

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Areas we service in Melbourne

We service Melbourne and greater Melbourne. If you are unsure if we service your area, please call our friendly team today. We can also help you in finding a telehandler for sale in your area. 

Looking to buy a telehandler in Melbourne? Contact us today! 

Alternatively, you might be looking to hire a telehandler before you buy.

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