Magni RTH6.26 Rotational Telehandler

6 tonne / 26 meter

The RTH 6.26 stands out as a versatile rotating telescopic handler, ideally suited for both construction sites and rental fleets. Its compact design and multifunctionality make it highly adaptable, compatible with an extensive array of accessories. The inclusion of an RFID system facilitates automatic recognition and the creation of corresponding load charts, enabling this telescopic handler to excel in various construction and industrial applications.

This equipment comes equipped with pivoting stabilizers featuring a substantial contact surface, along with a load monitoring system to safeguard against the risk of machine overload. It offers three steering modes to enhance manoeuvrability.


Key Highlights of this Model Include:

  • Performance: Significant improvements in lifting performance have been achieved.
  • Safety: Enhanced safety features include an enlarged windshield surface and a repositioned cabin, providing better visibility of ongoing operations. Additionally, constant monitoring tools have been integrated to provide real-time control for the operator.
  • Technology: The equipment features an advanced onboard LLD (Load Live Diagrams) software, allowing the load chart to be displayed in three different formats. It incorporates cutting-edge systems, such as the 'easy access system,' ensuring convenient cab access.
  • User Experience: The seat and steering column have been refined to meet the operator's comfort and ergonomic needs. Furthermore, the addition of two sunblinds and automatic, dimmable courtesy lights enhances the overall user experience."

These features highlight the versatility, safety, technology, and user-centric design of the RTH 6.26 telescopic handler, making it an asset in various work environments.

Technical Features

  • Stabilisers: Scissors
  • Lifting capacity: 6000 kg
  • Capacity at maximum height: 3500 kg
  • Lifting height: 25.80 m
  • Reach: 22.20 m
  • Engine: Deutz TCD 3,6 L4 Stage 3 or 5
  • Rated power: 100 kW (136 hp) 2,200 rpm
  • Hydraulic flow: 130 l/min
  • Number of gears: 2/2
  • Hydraulic system: 350 bar (Load Sensing)
  • Length: 7.85 m
  • Width: 2.5m
  • Ground clearance: 330 mm
  • Unladen weight: 19,600 kg
  • Travel speed: 40 km/h
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