Magni THU5.8P Mining Telehandler

5 tonne / 8 metre

The THU5.8 is a fixed telescopic handler designed primarily for mining operations. It is powered by a robust Deutz 75 kW engine, enabling it to safely reach a height of 7.60 meters even on challenging terrain, thanks to its 4-wheel drive capability.

Key Features:

  • Engine: Equipped with a 55 kW Deutz engine, ensuring reliable performance in demanding mining environments.
  • Hydrostatic Transmission: The hydrostatic transmission provides precision and maneuverability, allowing for precise control during operations.
  • Attachment Compatibility: This machine is compatible with a wide range of attachments, enhancing its versatility and utility in various mining tasks.
  • R.F.ID System: The integrated RFID system enables automatic recognition of attachments and generates corresponding load charts, streamlining attachment changes and load management.
  • Levelling System: The levelling system on tires allows operators to adjust the machine's inclination. This feature ensures that the load diagram remains available, even in situations where the terrain's slope could impact lifting performance.

Additional Features:

  • Extra Lowered Design: Designed for access to areas with low ceilings, increasing its versatility.
  • Compact Design: Its compact design enhances maneuverability, making it suitable for navigating in tight spaces.
  • Engine Options: Available with Deutz Stage V and Stage IIIA engines, providing options to meet emission standards.
  • Hydraulic System: Equipped with a 350 bar Load Sensing (L/S) hydraulic system for efficient hydraulic operation.

Standard Features:

  • Cab and Light Protection: Protection for the cab and lights.
  • LED Working Lights: LED lights on the cab and boom for improved visibility.
  • Safety Features: Includes directional driving and reversing lights, emergency stop buttons both inside and outside the cab, and a load monitoring system via the RCL system (Rated Capacity Limiter) for added safety.
  • Emissions Control: Incorporates a 50 PPM catalytic converter for emissions control.
  • Air Conditioning: Features an air conditioning system for operator comfort.
  • Fire Extinguishers: Equipped with 9 kg external fire extinguishers for safety.
  • The TH U 5.8 is specifically designed to meet the demands of mining operations, combining power, versatility, and safety features to excel in challenging mining environments.
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