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How Magni is changing the game in Telehandlers

Last year, we had the great honour of partnering with Italian-born Magni Telescopic Handlers as one of the few Australian distributors for their award-winning machine’s. It has been hugely popular with our customers and word of mouth is proving to speak for itself. But, if you’re not so familiar with this incredible machine, we’d like to help in further explaining how Magni is changing the game in Telehandlers, that is fast becoming the most valuable machine on worksites across the country. 

What is a Magni Telehandler?

The Italian-made Magni is changing the game in telehandlers with its unique patented designs that offers class leading 360-degree rotational telehandlers and highest performing rigid telehandlers up to 50 tonne lift capacity.


The rotary telehandlers are extremely versatile and flexible machines. They are used for many applications being able to equip various accessories such as forks, winches and platforms and being equipped with 360 ° rotation. All Magni lifts work in complete safety, thanks to the patented load control system that detects the risks of overload during use and inhibits further aggravating movements. Reliable and multi-function are real 3-in-1 machines.

Magni have also produced the world’s highest rotating telehandler, the Magni 6.51RTH, with six tonne lift capacity plus the record lift height of 51m! Also the heaviest lift capacity RTH, the Magni 13.26 SH, with the record 13 tonne lift capacity and 26m lift height!


Magni’s heavy-duty telescopic handlers have a payload of between 10 and 50 tonnes and are ideal for heavy-duty tasks in manufacturing, ports and mining. They guarantee manoeuvring speed and high stability. They have been designed specifically to take on such onerous tasks and so make the ideal companion for those requiring performance and reliability in extreme conditions. They are this undisputed champion in heavy-duty work.

To give context on its great reputation in the industry and in-market, Magni won gold in the coveted Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Aerial Platforms (LLEAP) awards for the 8.25RTH (8 tonne/25m rotational telehandler).

What are the benefits of Magni telehandlers?

The secret lies behind the extensions of our boom: manufactured from high-tensile steel, the boom is extremely tough and rigid but at the same time very light, increasing the load capacity and preventing it from flexing. The telescopic extension of the sections is actuated by a cylinder. The dual-chain system and hydraulic hoses, completely contained inside the boom, significantly reduce accidental breakages due to collisions. The block is composed of two 3+3 bundles, which prevent rubbing between the individual lines and maintain alignment, thus also contributing to a significant reduction in faults.

When you choose Magni you are not just getting any piece of equipment. You are getting a machine that is designed by some of the most elite engineers in the world. From safety features to telematics, Magni is the future for construction as it shapes the industry with its cutting-edge technologies and capabilities. With one machine, not only do you get a fully rotating telehandler with the safest operating systems in the industry, you a get multi-functional machine that can be used as a crane, forklift, and even a platform.

An R.F.ID automatic attachment recognition system is fitted as standard to all models in the RTH range installed on the boom head. When the attachment is coupled to the machine, it is recognized automatically. Thanks to its reduced weight, the new quick-fit system offers improved lifting capacity.

With an ability to equip a multitude of accessories including EWP Baskets, Tyre handlers, winches and even a forestry kit! The patented load control system makes it a safe, risk-averse machine that detects overload during use and stops further problematic movements.

What can Magni do that other machines can’t do?

The Magni RTH13.26SH  is the most powerful rotating telehandler in the world and has doubled the capacity of any competitor and compares more so to a 30-35 ton crane.

The Magni RTH13.26SH specifications speak for themselves:

  • Lift and Carry 13 tonnes on tires
  • Lift 2 tonne at full forward
  • Reach 21 meters
  • Lift 8 tonne at full height 26 meters

The Magni HTH50.14 Telehandler specifications:

  • Max lift capacity: 50,000kg
  • Max lift height: 14m
  • Capacity at max height: 28,000kg

Do the Magni machines have attachments? 

The way you can bring your Magni Machine to the next level is utilising the game changing attachments.


With the TWIN ENERGY system, it is possible to operate a Magni RTH with an electrical connection to an external electrical source, e.g. inside a building or a factory. Thanks to this innovative solution, the work can be done with zero emissions. Be at the same time eco-friendly and cost-effective is possible because the fuel consumption is reduced to the minimum, as only the machine positioning must be done through the termical engine.


The forestry kit is your all in one solution for safe and clean cutting of trees and green areas. This kit is available for all the models of the RTH range and is designed specifically to make the work of the operator simple and sufficient. This cutting mechanism is robust and enduring, allowing any job to minimise maintenance and wear of the machine while maximising productivity to get the job done quicker more efficiently.

To experience the sheer brute strength and durability of this machine contact Todd to organise a FREE Magni demo day via email