Our range of access equipment for hire has been curated to suit the needs of Melbourne-based industry, including but not limited to civil, domestic, industrial, commercial, warehouse and construction. 

Our range of access equipment rentals include:

We have new and used options for hire that offer innovative design and high technology, as well as long-loved, reliable, meticulously maintained machines that stand the test of time. We offer long term hire (up to years, if that’s your requirement), to single day hire use. We can deliver and pick-up to ensure your hire experience is stressless and manageable within your existing workload. 


Our experience in Access Equipment Hire

When we say we are a highly experienced access hire company, we’re not just talking about the hiring process of access equipment. Our collective experience runs a lot deeper than that. For a lot of our team members, we have real life experience in the very industries that come to us for hire needs. This ensures we are able to deliver professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy guidance on what machines you should be hiring, and ensuring that machine is completely compliant to the environment and terrain.

Servicing and repairs

It is always at the top of our mind to ensure anyone hiring access equipment from us feels that they are looked after and valued from the initial parts of the process, through their hire period, and any supported needed after. We do a lot of things to keep this an important factor in how we do business, but a major component is our servicing and repairs. We offer repairs, parts and serving to ensure your machine is in tip top shape the entire time you need it. To save you on time and productivity costs, we also can venture out to your worksite to conduct any unexpected, rare issues that may arise. 

Learn more about our servicing and repairs for access equipment in Melbourne.

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Access equipment operator hire

You might know you need the work done, and the right access equipment to get it done, but not have an licenced operator to see it through. Don’t fret. We also offer reliable and licenced access equipment operator hire to come and complete any works required; from a few hours to longer term arrangements. This is not only vital for the productivity and efficiency of your worksite, but also the safety and peace of mind that someone highly skilled and licensed is conducting the work.

Personalised advice/competitive rate

Sure, we’re in the business of hiring out access equipment. We can’t escape the ‘business’ part. But, it is so much more than that. Set and forget hire processes are a miserable experience for the customer, and a terrible way to keep your business viable and your customers happy and loyal. At the end of the day, we truly forge honest and ongoing relationships, even friendships, with the large majority (if not every one of) our customers. The only way we can uphold this is with personalised service and advice.

Our combined real life experience gives us the edge to help you find the right machine for your requirements, and be supported from choosing and delivery, right through to post-hire communication. You’ll be speaking to someone you know, or someone that has been personally introduced to you, with every interaction. 

We are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction, without exception. This extends to our competitive rates. If you see the same machine in the same condition for hire at a lower price, talk to us about potential price matching options. However, we ensure we also keep ourselves aware of market cost, and do our part to keep prices fair from the get go.

Areas we service in Melbourne for Access Equipment Hire

We service Melbourne and Greater Melbourne areas. However, we do our very best to reach as far as we can to assist as much industry as possible. If you’re not sure you’re in our service area, please do not hesitate in giving us a call to talk about our availability, or we can recommend a suitable supplier.

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