When it comes to the brands and types of scissor lifts we offer, nothing is by accident. We have spent our entire professional lives navigating, trying and deciding on the best brands and types of scissor lifts in the market, then making sure they are included in our high quality fleet. 

The types of scissor lift rentals All Lift have for our Melbourne customers include:

The brands we have for scissor lift hire are:


Our experience in Scissor Lift Hire

Our team is dedicated to their knowledge of our machines, the hire processes, and carving the best experience for our customers as possible. Part of being able to do this to such an exceptional level, though, is the experience that preceded our interaction with you. Yes, in our industry. But we have also been in the very industry you’re in, working our way through the ranks and ending up in the hire of the machines we once used, daily. We bring that experience into every bit of communication, recommendation and advice we offer you, ensuring that you always walk away feeling valued, and that you have received value. 

Servicing and repairs

It’s important to us that our interactions and service offering not just be about the exchange of money for a machine. To reiterate that assurance of feeling valued, and value, we offer a servicing and repairs service that offers a bit more peace of mind. Our servicing is to a strict schedule, keeping hired scissor lifts as close to new as possible at all times, and our repair service is efficient, coming out to your worksite if needed, fixing the issue ASAP, and organising a replacement if that is what it takes to keep your worksite moving seamlessly. 

Learn more about our servicing and repairs for scissor lifts in Melbourne.

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Personalised advice/competitive rate

When it comes to personalised service and advice, we are tough to beat! You’re never just a number at All Lift; we listen intently, and offer specific, bespoke solutions to your worksite’s needs. It’s about getting the right machine for the job, and also within the right conditions (having operator and repair options, and an All Lift team member on hand whenever you need). We understand that worksites change and grow, and we are right there every step of the way ensuring that if our machines can help, we are there for you. 

This personalised focus means that we also tie it into our rates for scissor lift hire in Melbourne; we keep on top of the market’s rate, and negotiate our fees to be fair and competitive. We’re also always open to discussing our rates further with you, and ensuring you are able to stick within your budget while also attaining a quality, safe, reliable scissor lift.

Scissor lift operator hire available

While not all scissor lifts need a licence, it is often misunderstood that all scissor lifts can be operated without one. It is still a hefty piece of machinery that can be dangerous if not operated under the right, regulated, safe conditions. With it not being a case of just anyone being able to use a scissor lift, you may find that while you need the machine, you do not have the accreditation to do so. This isn’t uncommon, so we offer scissor lift operator drivers for hire to our Melbourne customers, for short and long term hire periods.  

Areas we service in Melbourne for Scissor Lift Hire

We service Melbourne and Greater Melbourne areas. To discuss more about our service areas, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team to see if your position is within our scope. If we discover it is not, we will not hesitate in offering our recommendations for options to help you move forward with your project.

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