Skyjack 3219 (NG) Scissor Lift Electric

5.79m / 249kg / 1,170kg

The Skyjack 3219, part of the Compact DC Electric Scissor Lift series, is an industry-leading lifting solution, embodying our commitment to efficient maintenance and cost-effective operations. 

Perfect for warehouse operations, the Skyjack 3219 offers increased safety with guardrails and spacious platforms, reducing the risk of falls. With precision elevation controls, it allows workers to operate at an optimal height, reducing physical strain whilst increasing productivity. 

Featuring a unique colour-coded and numbered wiring system, the Skyjack 3219 makes troubleshooting and repairs straightforward, leading to trouble-free maintenance and lowered costs.

It’s portability eliminates setup hassles, providing immediate usability. The pothole and low voltage battery protection contributes to optimal worker comfort and safety, addressing any strain-related concerns. Its safety features, productivity enhancements, flexibility, portability, and ergonomic advantages make it an indispensable asset in optimising workplace operations. A practical and efficient solution, the Skyjack 3219 is perfect for any lean operation facilities. 

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  • DC motor controller
  • Drivable at full height
  • Variable speed, front two wheel hydraulic drive
  • 90° Steering (zero inside turning radius)
  • Dual holding brakes
  • Proportional controls for drive & lift functions
  • 3’ (0.91 m) Roll out extension deck
  • 24V DC Power source
  • Low voltage battery protection
  • 30% Gradeability
  • Solid rubber, non-marking tires
  • Pothole protection system
  • 110V AC Outlet on platform with GFI
  • 28 mph Wind rating (12.5 m/s)
  • Tilt alarm with drive & lift cut-out
  • All motion audible alarm
  • Lanyard attachment points
  • Operator horn
  • Forklift pockets and tie down/lift lugs
  • Relay based control system
  • SKYCODEDTM color coded and numbered wiring system
  • Telematics ready
 Skyjack 3219 3219_swing_out
Maximum Platform Height
Overall width
0.81 m
Overall length
1.80 m
Gross weight
1,476 kg
Wind Rating
Max Number of People

How high does the scissor lift ‘Skyjack 3219’ reach?

When considering the Skyjack 3219 height for your worksite, it's important to understand the specific dimensions that cater to your project needs. The maximum platform height for this lift is 5.64m, ensuring accessibility to elevated areas. However, its maximum work height can reach up to heights extending to up to 7.62m. 

Prior to your purchase, it is important to conduct a thorough assessment of your environment to ensure that your worksite aligns with the specifications of the Skyjack 3219. We recommend cross-referencing your project requirements with the detailed specifications available here. This diligence ensures the integration of the scissor lift into your work environment, maximising its potential and contributing to the success of your elevated endeavours.

Is the Skyjack 3219 a good scissor lift?

At AllLift, we lead the industry in providing optimal scissor lifts for all of your worksite needs. We provide a vast range of scissor lifts that meet the demands of all your project's requirements. Depending on your requirements, the Skyjack 3219 is an optimal and reliable scissor lift that is equipped with variable speed front wheel hydraulic drive, and 90° steering, capable of manoeuvring in the smallest of spaces. If needing extra height, we have a variety of Scissor Lifts & Access Equipment that will meet the demand of your project's needs. 

How much does a Skyjack 3219 scissor lift weigh?

With a substantial weight of 1,170kg, the Skyjack 3219 dimensions are crafted to ensure reliability for an array of projects. Offering not just performance but flexibility, it boasts variable speeds and 90° steering, ensuring adaptability in a diverse working environment.

Perfectly adjustable to cater towards the requirements of your project, the Skyjack 3219 is designed to meet the unique needs of your project. For those seeking additional sturdiness however, explore our comprehensive range of Scissor Lifts & Access Equipment, that meet the highest of industry standards.

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The Skyjack 3219 scissor lift is engineered to intertwine both safety and functionality. Its sturdy platform and reliable tires guarantee secure operations at various heights, making it a safer and more stable alternative to ladders and scaffolding.

The Skyjack 3219 can be equipped with a range of manufacturer-approved attachments. These include transformers and 110V 16A extension leads, vital for charging electrical machines. Such accessories are not mere add-ons but integral components that help enhance the machine's versatility in various settings, such as construction, maintenance, and warehousing. These attachments are designed to handle jobs that might otherwise be risky or impossible, ensuring that workflow is not disrupted. For optimal and safe operation of the Skyjack 3219, operators are advised to undergo training courses such as the IPAF 3A/3B Mobile Vertical/Mobile Boom Operator Course.

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