Our range of forklifts

We have an impressive range of forklifts in our fleet to accommodate whatever requirements you have on your worksite. Whether you have a small indoor job in a narrow environment, or a full scale rough terrain difficult access job, we will have a forklift in our range that will significantly boost your productivity in an effective and safe way. It’s our job to work closely with you in those decision stages to find the exact right machine for your job. If for any reason the job requirements change, or the machine isn’t quite right, we will happily (and quickly) exchange it for a more suitable hire option. 

Our brands include Magni, Liugong, CVS Ferrari, Bomaq, Manitou and many more. 


Our product types

As part of this extensive range we have included the most popular types of forklifts (essentially covering off every kind of forklift), to ensure we have what you need in stock, whatever the job. While we will always endeavour to find a machine that you want if we, for whatever reason, do not have it in stock we’re confident our range hits the mark for most requirements. It includes:


Servicing, maintenance & forklift repairs

It’s never a case of getting you to sign on the dotted line and then the machine is your problem until the hire period is over. We meticulously maintain our machines in preparation for hire, and are also here to assist immediately in the uncommon event that an issue arises during your hire period. We have dedicated team members to come and either fix the problem, or work out a replacement with as little disruption to your worksite as possible. 

We conduct regular maintenance checks, as well as replacement of parts when needed and forklift repairs to ensure that machines are always as close to as-new as we can get them. 

Where we hire

We rent our forklifts out to anyone in the Brisbane, greater Brisbane and SE Queensland area. We can organise transport to and from your site, and can also offer forklift operator hire if required. If you are working further away than the listed areas, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team to discuss any possible options we might be able to work out with you. 

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Short and long term forklift hire

We offer short and long term forklift hire in Brisbane; this can be as short as one day, and as long as years for ongoing work or bigger projects. It is entirely up to you, your needs and the requirements of the project. Even if you do have a larger job that will likely be ongoing, you don’t need to bite off more than you can chew for your forklift hire. We can offer easily implemented extensions on hires, and can work with you on any unforeseen changes that may occur during your hire period. (For example, sudden closure of a worksite, severe weather disruptions or, indeed, global pandemics). 

All Lift are here to help you improve the productivity and efficiency of your worksite with reliable, hard working and industry-leading forklifts. We have a highly experienced team who can assist you with everything you need to have a seamless forklift hire experience from beginning to end. 

Explore our Brisbane forklift hire range today. 

Or, enquire about purchasing a forklift today.

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