Scissor lifts generally are very worthy of a place in almost any worksite and environment, but there are still brands and types to decide on to suit your needs both now, and in the longer term if you’re taking the purchase route. With that, we offer scissor lifts that can be used both indoors and outdoors, and have varying running costs and terrain abilities. 

The types of scissor lifts for sale in our Brisbane fleet include:

Our scissor lift sale brands are:

  • Skyjack
  • Genie
  • Athena
  • Magni
  • LGMG

Our range includes new and used scissor lifts that give you options to suit your needs, scope of work and budget.


Our experience in new and used Scissor Lift Sales

If it needs saying, we’re big fans of big machines. Sure, they’re great fun, great for improving the productivity of worksites in game-changing ways, and they make everything just generally better. However, the reason we are at this point of adoration is because we have spent decades gathering our experience with the machines, and also in the industries we now sell our machines into. We know how machines work in real life terms; from the benefits to the hurdles that require greater consultation on what machine you really need (sometimes it’s what you walked in thinking, and sometimes it’s something totally different). Our job is to ensure that our experience creates the most valuable experience for you as possible.


Personalised advice/competitive rate

With our high level of experience comes an ability to offer personalised service that we believe to be second-to-none. Also, being a family owned and run business, we know the importance of ensuring our customers are never a number. We’ll always remember who you are, what you need and the name of your dog! As much as that keeps you feeling valued, it’s also just the better way to do business; it makes our job enjoyable and rewarding, and it ensures that the worksites we’re contributing to are using the exact right machine, because we take the time and personalised approach we invest in. 

Our dedication extends to maintaining competitive and fair prices. If you have any queries or questions, call us to discuss - we’re always open to fitting our fees to your needs. 

Servicing and repairs

All Lift are dedicated to above and beyond customer service. A big part of that is ensuring total peace of mind that the machine you leave with is reliable and of the highest quality. To ensure that, we have a strict servicing schedule that applies to all of our scissor lifts to ensure that they are in the best possible condition when you purchase them. We also offer a repairs service to all of our customers, that includes coming out to your worksite if needed to keep your site ticking along with as little disruption as possible. 

Learn more about our servicing and repairs for scissor lifts in Brisbane.

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Want to know more?
Operator hire available

Very often, we get asked about the need (or not) for licences to operate scissor lifts. There can be a bit of a misconception that you don’t need accreditation to operate scissor lifts. While this isn’t true, it does depend on the height capacity of your scissor lift. We will always be very clear about the licensing requirements during the sale process. If you need an operator and do not have the capacity to do it yourself, we do have scissor lift operator hire in Brisbane. Call our friendly team today for more information.

Areas we service in Brisbane for Scissor Lift Sales

We service Brisbane, Gold Coast and South East Queensland areas. If you’re unsure if your worksite fits within our typical service areas, give us a call. We will go to great lengths to help get you a scissor lift if it’s at all humanly possible.

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