All Lift are focussed on being able to offer a solution to your worksite requirements, and a big part of that is to ensure our scissor lift range covers as many bases as possible. We only align with brands that we have used and can highly recommend, and who are consequently industry leaders in Australian and globally. 

The types of scissor lift rentals All Lift have for our Sydney customers include:

The brands we have for scissor lift hire are:


Our experience in Scissor Lift Hire

The All Lift team are highly experienced in many facets of the machine industry; from knowledge of our specific machines, to understanding industries themselves (a lot of us came up through the ranks of the very industries we deal with in the hire and sale space) and operating machines. This experience gives us, and you, access to a holistic pool of knowledge that ensures you always walk away from All Lift feeling understood, valued and with the exact machine suitable to your needs.


Personalised advice/competitive rate

A big benefit to our breadth of experience in different industries, as well as our own, is that we can offer unparalleled personalised advice and guidance on machines. You won’t be handballed from person to person through your hiring process; we will always remember who you are, what you need and even how to assist as your jobs and projects scale.

We also ensure that we retain fair and competitive scissor lift rates and prices as the world experiences market fluctuations. Talk to us about scissor lift costs, and working within your budget.

Servicing and repairs

When we offer value, it’s not just in the actual hire of the machine. We want to ensure that our customers are seeing that value from beginning to end, and even beyond. With that, we offer incredible servicing and repairs to all of our All Lift customers, with the ability to come to your worksite if needed to avoid any undue loss of time, money and patience! While we take great care to ensure your machine is in top condition for the full duration of your hire period, we also understand that life happens. While it is a highly unusual occurrence, we still want to be prepared for it to keep things flowing on your end. We will also immediately replace it if the repair process takes longer than expected. 

This servicing also occurs outside of hire periods, keeping the machines meticulously maintained year round. 

Learn more about our servicing and repairs for scissor lifts in Sydney.

 Scissor Lift Hire ALL_LIFT-SCISSOR-LIFT-2

Scissor Lift operator hire available

If your worksite needs a scissor lift, it can be a misconception that anyone can use any scissor lift without a licence. There are restrictions around who can operate a scissor lift, depending on factors such as the machine’s reach limit. If you do not have the applicable accreditation, feel ill-experienced on a scissor lift, or are temporarily unable to have an operator onsite, we can provide qualified, experienced and competent operator drivers for hire.

Areas we service in Sydney for Scissor Lift Hire

We service Sydney and greater Sydney areas. If you have queries about if your worksite is included in our service areas, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today for more information. If we can’t assist you with a machine, we certainly can help with informed recommendations. 

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