The contents of our scissor lift fleet is no accident; we have spent years, decades, trialling a very wide range of brands and types, all in the pursuit of delivering machines that offer a high quality, highly efficient and safe experience. We offer industry leading brand, with reliable and hardworking scissor lift types that can fit a host of different environments and needs.

The types of scissor lifts All Lift have for our Newcastle customers include:

The brands we have for scissor lift hire are:


Our experience in Scissor Lift Hire

When we were pulling together our Newcastle team, we knew exactly what we were looking for: people who had a passion for machines, yes, but more than that a passion for helping people find a solution. We can with confidence say that this has become the case for our talented team. Not only are they extremely well versed on the machines we have for hire in Newcastle, but they have also worked on a huge range of industries and worksites, understanding on a deeper level the real requirements that our machines can meet. This experience is something we’re enormously proud of, and offer a second-to-none experience for our customers. 

Servicing and repairs

Great service doesn’t stop at the hire alone. We need to know that your entire hire period is as seamless as possible, and that we’re quickly and easily on hand to assist with a fix or replacement should there be any unlikely issues with your machines.

We have an extensive servicing schedule which does mean that issues are few and far between, however we also know that giving absolutes that nothing will ever go wrong is just not realistic. We do repairs onsite if needed, efficiently and with extreme care and skill. If for any reason these issues take longer to fix than expected, we will immediately organise a replacement machine. 

Learn more about our servicing and repairs for scissor lifts in Newcastle.

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Personalised advice/competitive rate

Our personalised advice and service is something we are passionate about and proud of. You will never feel like just another number on our customer list. We make it our business to ensure business is always personal. We will know who you are, what you need and any assistance with any decisions that relate to your worksite now, and any scope changes in the future. We are here to help you through every step of the hire process, and continue to offer quality service after it. 

This approach also comes through with our rates. We do our very best to keep our fees fair and competitive within the market, and are always happy to chat about the best ways to give you the machine you need within your budget.

Operator hire available

It is often believed that scissor lifts can be operated by anyone. While there are some instances where an official accreditation isn’t needed, it is important that training and experience be factored into who will be operating the machine, and there are certainly instances where official accreditation is required. To be on the safe side, we offer scissor lift operator hire. Our operators are highly experienced, fully licensed and will always have the safety of your worksite at the forefront of their minds.  

Areas we service in Newcastle for Scissor Lift Hire

We service Newcastle, Hunter, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast areas. If you would like to discuss your worksite’s position and if we are able to assist you in the hire of a scissor lift, please contact our friendly team today to talk more about your options.


NSW Newcastle Office

51 Camfield Drive
Heatherbrae NSW 2324

Monday - Saturday
7:00am to 5:00pm

Deliveries available after hours.

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