We’re a dedicated bunch. We don’t do anything by halves, so if we were going to present scissor lifts to the hire market in Adelaide, we were going to get the best brands, and the most requested types of machines into our fleet. With that, we opted for industry- and global-leaders for brands, and the types of scissor lifts that will offer the most efficiency and productivity assistance to worksites. 

The types of scissor lifts All Lift have available for our Adelaide customers include:

The brands we have for scissor lift hire include:


Our experience in Scissor Lift Hire

We might be fairly new to the Adelaide market, but we’re bringing with us decades of experience. Yes, in the machine hire business, but also in the very industries we’re hiring out to. See, a lot of us come from the worksites you’re working on! Typically, we’ve operated or managed the operation of machines, and fallen in love with huge benefits these beauties offer such a huge range of industries. Our collective and individual experience gives us that extra edge in connecting with you and finding the exact right machine for your worksite, job or project.

Servicing and repairs

Our service, of course, does not stop with simply sending over a machine in exchange for a fee, and dusting our hands. We definitely take a more holistic approach to keeping your entire experience positive, beneficial and as seamless as possible. While we do our very best to maintain a meticulous servicing schedule to ensure that our hire machines are as good as new, every time, we also understand that things happen and it’s unrealistic to expect perfection. So, along with our servicing, we also offer repairs, onsite and off, depending on the most convenient arrangement for you. If for whatever reason the repairs take longer than expected, we will organise a replacement for you ASAP. 

Learn more about our servicing and repairs for scissor lifts in Adelaide.

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Personalised advice/competitive rate

As mentioned, we have a huge amount of experience behind us. Not only does this make us knowledgeable on our front, it also means that we can go the extra mile in offering personalised advice. It’s not just about matching you to any old scissor lift; we gain purposeful relationships with our customers which ensure we know what you need, when you need it and can also help you navigate through project growth, or early completions, to create a personalised experienced from beginning to end, and beyond. 

In line with that, we also endeavour to keep our rates competitive and fair in a market that’s always throwing us curveballs. Our aim is to keep you steady, valued and set to have a highly functional, productive worksite.

Operator hire available

We very often hear the misconception that anyone can use any scissor lift without a licence

It’s important to remember that NO machine should be used, unsupervised at the very least, by a completely novice operator. And, with a reach caveat, some scissor lifts actually do legally require licensed operators. Be sure to check the status of your scissor lift (and we will always be upfront in the initial stages of you choosing your hire machine) before making assumptions. To ensure greater peace of mind, though, we offer qualified, experienced and competent operator drivers for hire. Talk to our team today for more information. 

Areas we service in Adelaide for Scissor Lift Hire

We service Adelaide and greater Adelaide areas. Unsure if that’s you? Give us a call and we can either discuss options for All Lift reaching you, or are happy to recommend alternatives if possible.


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Deliveries available after hours.

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