We have globally leading forklifts brands such as Magni, Toyota, Liugong and Dieci (plus a lot more!) in our fleet, catering to the specific needs of our Brisbane clients. Buying a forklift can be a little daunting in the early decision stages; it’s not a small investment, and you want to be assured of quality and reliability. We understand this, so ensure our qualified and experienced team are knowledgeable not just on the machines themselves, but also how they need to be used across industry. Some of our team even have roots in these industries, and can put themselves in your shoes to lead you to the right machine. 


Types of new & second hand forklifts we sell in Brisbane, QLD

The types of forklifts for sale in our Brisbane, Queensland range are chosen to suit the needs and requirements of our local customers and the dominant industries they work in. However, they are also effective at improving productivity on worksites in almost all industries. Our range includes:

Our range includes:

We can help you with all your questions and queries about finding the right forklift for you.


Our experience with forklifts for sale in Brisbane, QLD

It’s no secret, we’re mad about forklifts. From either coming through a career path in forklift sales, or being an operator on multiple worksites and industries, it’s in the blood of each and every one of us. With that, we are highly experienced at being able to navigate you to the right forklift for your worksite, with innate understanding of industries and needs, knowing the right questions to ask, and knowing our machines inside out. 

Our skilled team is a support team, not a sales team. Getting the sale is bad business if you leave an unhappy customer in its wake. It’s all about the long game for us, and the only way to ensure lifelong All Lift customers is to get it right the first time. And, not only that, it is really unsafe practice to not make it a priority to pair up customers with the right forklifts; although they’re fun, they aren’t toys. They should always be working in the environments, terrains and with the operators that match their capabilities and requirements. 

Working through the info you give us, and playing matchmaker with our machines is also what makes it so fun for us! 

New and used forklifts for sale in Brisbane

A new forklift for your business doesn’t mean going out and getting a brand new model. All Lift offer a huge range of high quality, incredibly reliable used forklifts that are in as close-to-new condition as possible. We take pride in our meticulous approach to maintaining used forklifts in our Brisbane fleet, and guarantee them for ongoing quality assurance. They are a cost-effective way to buy a forklift, without sacrificing on the vital reliability and functionality that makes you want a forklift in the first place. 

We also, of course, stock an impressive range of new forklifts, which include the best machines and brands in the business, with the most up-to-date technologies and innovations. Excellent option for seasoned forklift owners and users looking for upgrades. 

Servicing and repairs

Our servicing and repairing is second to none, with a deep knowledge of all models of forklifts, from all terrain and diesel, to electric and LPG. Our convenient service van can meet you where you are and get the required repairs done in real time, saving you money, time and hassle. 

You can read more about our forklift repairs and servicing here, or contact repairs enquiries at service@alllift.com.au.

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Where in Brisbane do we service?

We conveniently cater to all forklift customers in the entire SE Queensland area. If you think you might be outside these areas, or aren’t sure about our service in your area, please don’t hesitate to call us and chat through your options (in the unlikely event that we cannot assist your area, we will gladly direct you to services we recommend in your area).

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