Adelaide have a lot of booming industries that require forklifts, and All Lift have recently joined in supporting these industries with high quality, reliable forklifts for sale. Our stock has been purposely chosen to suit the needs of business owners and site managers across agriculture, construction, maritime, warehouse and other key industries. This includes globally leading brands such as Crown, Magni, Dieci and Liugong (among others! Check out our entire list of forklift brands for sale here). We’re here to ensure you get what you need, when you need, with the reliability and quality you require. 


Types of new & second hand forklifts we sell in Adelaide, SA

Our Adelaide forklift fleet includes a wide range of forklift and accessory types to cover every job in multiple industries. 

Our range includes:

Any questions, concerns and queries about our forklift types will happily be answered by our experienced team!


Our experience with forklifts for sale in Adelaide 

We can admit it: we’re addicted to forklifts. There’s no shame in our game! With that, our team are a highly dedicated and experienced bunch, who have not only worked in forklifts, but also the industries that actually use forklifts. This gives us an edge in truly understanding what you need, and why. When you are in the market to find the forklift you need, even if you have done your own research on it (which we encourage!) it can still be a daunting task. We use our wide and extensive experience to help extract the specific requirements of your site and project, and direct you to the forklift that will most fulfil those needs. 

Buying a forklift is a decent investment, and we have no intention of you leaving with anything other than the perfect match to your needs. It’s our experience that really guides this value; we know what it’s like when a machine just doesn’t hold up, and we know first hand the difference when you have the right one. It’s not in anyone’s best interest to not use this strength. 

There are no questions you can’t ask us, and no questions we won’t have the answer to (or work tirelessly to find the answer to). We’ve walked a mile in the shoes of our customers, and that’s what makes us such a unique forklift retailer. 

New and used forklifts for sale in Adelaide 

We know that buying a new forklift is a big investment that requires a lot of thought, consideration and has budget parameters. With that, we supply both new and used forklifts to help make them as accessible to as many people who need them as possible. Buying a used forklift is a great way to get the forklift you need, while still respecting the budget, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with forklifts, or it’s a new machine to your site. You can lower the purchasing risk, while still having a high quality, meticulously maintained forklift. 

Our used forklift range has been cared for to the nth degree. We don’t sell forklifts we wouldn’t use ourselves, and guarantee their quality. They are as close to new as they can be, and will be hard working and reliable for years to come. 

We also, of course, supply an impressive range of new forklifts that have the highest tech, innovative design and functionality on the market. 

Servicing and repairs

Buying a forklift in Adelaide shouldn’t be risky business. Every one of our forklifts, new and used, are included in our servicing and repair service. Our dedicated and specialised servicing and repairs are for every forklift model, and can be done at our workshop or we can come to your site to save on time and money. 

You can read more about our forklift repairs and servicing here, or contact repairs enquiries at service@alllift.com.au.

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