We have a vast range of forklift products for hire, all chosen to match the equally wide range of forklift uses. With industry-leading brands, kept in top quality condition and updated to ensure they are as-new as possible, we are immensely proud of the fleet we put forward to our customers. We keep a rigorous maintenance schedule, offer forklift repairs, replace issues with top of the line parts, and take incredibly great care in keeping our forklift hire machines as close to new as possible.


Our forklift rentals in Adelaide, SA

A lot of thought goes into the kinds of forklift products we offer in our hire range, based on our extensive experience in working in and with the industries we deal with the most. From warehouse to large scale all terrain jobs, we have a forklift type to suit your job requirements. 

Our forklift rental range includes:

Our experience in forklift hire

The All Lift Forklift team is a highly experienced, knowledgeable and helpful group of professionals who not only know everything about forklifts, but also a lot about a variety of industries and worksite needs. For a lot of us, the love for forklifts began with working in construction, warehousing, mining, agriculture and maritime industries! We now hone that passion into producing the advice, skill and ease-of-process for these industries.

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The areas we service in Adelaide

We are here to help anyone needing a forklift in Adelaide and Greater Adelaide, including the delivery to and from the worksite and the option of an operator hire if required. Our aim when joining the Adelaide forklift community was to provide a seamless service that significantly improved worksites’ productivity and efficiency, and that of the general forklift rental experience. It really should never be a stressful part of your job; we ensure you get the right machine, at the right price with total ease.

Short and long term hire of forklifts in Adelaide

If we learnt anything from the last few years, it’s the importance of being flexible. While we have always offered short and long term hire to our clients, we are especially proud of our ability to service varying hire time frames knowing how quickly things can change. 

We hire for as little as one day, and can create forklift hire accounts that span over years. We can also adjust the time period based on unforeseen circumstances that mean both the cutting short and extending of jobs. We can also help you with changing the machine you have hired due to changing requirements onsite, on a same day turnaround in some instances (this is case by case).

Personalised advice at competitive rates

Part of our dedication to creating an easy and efficient forklift rental process is ensuring our customer service is second-to-none and our rates are extremely competitive (without sacrificing quality).

We work with you from start to finish (and beyond) to find out your job’s exact requirements and the forklift that will do the job in the most effective way possible. We then help with delivery, pickup and operator hire if needed.

We are always just one phone call away for all your forklift hire needs. 

Explore our Adelaide forklift hire range today.

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