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We're still your go-to for the best quality forklift hire! (We've just had a face lift).

You might have noticed…

We’ve updated our website! All Lift Forklift and Access Hire is a company who focuses on our customers to ensure the constant offer of top quality machines and hire service. Part of that service area is the delivery of a website that works as seamlessly as we do face-to-face. Our old friend fared as well for its time but, as with all things digital, it’s important to change and grow as the needs of our customers do. With that, we’ve given our website a bit of a facelift to match our position in the outside world as leaders in the forklift and access equipment hire and buy industry. 

We’re taking this opportunity to talk more about what we do, and how our machines and services can significantly improve the efficiency, productivity, and even safety, of your worksite or next project. 

What exactly is forklift hiring?

Exactly as the name suggests, you don’t need to go all-in on a big-ticket machine purchase when your project or worksite calls for a forklift or access equipment, you can hire it instead. Business opt for hiring to save on the upfront cost of a bought machine, ongoing maintenance time and cost, storage availability and flexibility. 

Forklift hire offers a solution to improving your work site's functionality with very little relative output in a low-risk and reliable way.

Our competitive prices have meant that we’ve been the hiring service of choice for some really incredible jobs: Great Ocean Road construction, Splendor in the Grass set up and countless construction and warehouse work. 

What are the benefits of forklift hire?

There are plenty of benefits to hiring a forklift, but the core benefit we hear from our customers is the pure convenience, reliability and cost efficiency of the hire process. 

With hiring, you are able to test machines, move with the constantly improving innovation of their designs, change machines with changing work site needs and do it all with much lower up front costs compared to purchasing, and lowered commitment with maximum efficiency. 

What machines can I hire?

We understand that just as all jobs have different requirements, there are personal preferences and machine experience to keep in mind when looking to cater to your needs. We have an extensive range of forklift and access equipment models for this reason, with a choice of petrol, LPG, electric, diesel and rough terrain power options. 

We are also the exclusive distributor of the incredible 3-in-1 Magni telehandler, as well as our more recent addition, the LiuGong forklift. These are globally-renowned brands that have gained considerable traction in Australia for good reason: diverse, effective, productive and operator-friendly. We also stock Manitou and Dieci

From scissor lifts to boom lifts, generators to lighting towers and forklifts to attachments, our machines and services are designed to help with every project from industrial warehouses to event setup to construction sites. 

What is the hiring process?

It depends on your personal experience with hiring a machine, both from others and from us, and your knowledge of forklifts and access equipment. The good news is that, no matter where you fall on the spectrum, we can help you!

If you aren’t sure about what machine is going to best suit your job, you can explore our website to narrow down your search before contacting us. Once you’ve browsed through our fleet of machines, you can contact us directly to answer any questions you may have, and we can walk you through your options, pricing and finance offerings. 

We also offer operator hire if you’re not familiar with a machine, and conduct demo days to show your team how they work.

Contact us today to chat about your machine needs and service options!