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8 reasons forklift hire can be better than buying

Whether you require a forklift longer term for a big project or just for a few days to get through a smaller DIY project, it can often be better logistically and financially to hire a forklift than to purchase one. They’re a required part of the job, helping by saving you man hours and hard physical labour, turning otherwise difficult jobs into quick and easy ones, and completing tasks that simply could not be achieved without one. But, this doesn’t mean you have to carve out a big part of your budget and day to purchase one. Forklift hire is effective, efficient and easy, and can save you stress, dollars and time. Here are the seven top reasons you should consider hiring before buying.

Even if you want to buy, it helps to try.

It might be worth it to you to purchase a forklift, and certainly we support that this is the case for a few of our customers. However, it’s also important you don’t waste money and time on getting a big purchase wrong. Even if your knowledge of forklifts and your project is high, there are so many options on the market that it can still be overwhelming and hard to narrow down without first trying. We offer short-term rental options (as little as one week) that allow you to try forklifts and find your perfect fit.

Better for your business

Did you know that machinery hire is 100% tax deductible for your business? This is because it is an operating cost, and with maintenance and repairs included, budgeting for this is simplified. With no upfront purchase costs, it’s also a great way to conserve capital – which can alleviate any cash-flow issues and ensure you keep your accountant and business manager, happy.

Test new forklift models

Just as all machinery invariably does, forklift technology is always improving to make it easier and more effective for you to complete your job. By using a rental forklift service you can ensure you’re using the best, most up-to-date machine without the cost of constantly purchasing upgrades, or settling on the use of lesser machines. It also means you can try out newer machines to see if they fit you, and opt in or out with very little output. Even for our 12 month+ leases, customers have the flexibility to upgrade and try new machines.

Less initial cost

Customers can utilise some top-of-the-line, expensive machines for a fraction of the cost through forklift hire. Excuse the pun, but you don’t have to fork out a lot to experience the best. By leasing or renting shorter term, you’re able to remain in budget for your project without sacrificing the use of the most effective and efficient machines. This will then have a cost-effective domino effect of faster finish times and, for some of the more superior machines, forklifts doing the job of (otherwise) multiple machines.

Better availability

If the need for a forklift is based on a short-term project, or you’re not certain a forklift will improve the work you’re doing just yet, our forklift hire service offers flexible rental and leasing options to suit your specific requirements. You can rent a machine for just one week to complete a small project, or test out a larger one or, if committed to a forklift, you can take a leasing option that allows options to upgrade and replace as you need within that leasing period. All of our forklift hire and rentals are available with a driver, this means if you don’t have a forklift license, no worries, we can drive the machine for you!

Long-term hire available

Long-term hire of a forklift is a flexible and cost-effective solution for machine use. There are overall reduced upfront costs compared to buying a forklift, and allows you to budget more efficiently. Moreover, the extended rental of a forklift helps you to evaluate its performance and suitability for specific tasks before committing to a purchase, if you need to at all. Additionally, long-term hire includes maintenance and support services, freeing you from the responsibility of upkeep and ensuring the equipment remains in peak condition throughout the rental period.

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