skyjack boom lift being operated

How much does it cost to hire a boom lift?

When hiring a machine, one of the first questions we get asked is the price. Of course, there’s a lot more to consider when hiring a machine, but there’s no denying cost matters. We have previously covered off the cost of hiring a forklift, so we thought we’d talk about some other machines in our fleet too. When you’re in the market for a boom lift, there are a few factors that determine the hire rate and, sometimes, it’s worth weighing them up and not deciding purely on the dollar amount. Let’s get into it!

First, what actually is a boom lift or cherry picker?

If you’re new to it, a boom lift also known as a cherry picker is a platform that elevates you to heights that no other machine can, and in areas that would be otherwise unreachable. It’s ability to move horizontally as well as vertically is what makes it different to scissor lifts. It’s also the safest way, when used properly, to access high and tricky areas. They’re perfect for industrial, outdoor, road and construction work. There are two kinds of boom lifts: knuckle boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts.

skyjack telescopic boom lift

What’s the difference between a knuckle boom and a telescopic boom lift?

Don’t worry, we’re not going on a big tangent here. But when talking about the boom lift hire price, the type of boom lift is going to matter.

A knuckle boom lift is best for manoeuvring around obstacles and needing to move as you work, thanks to its multiple ‘joints’ (the ‘knuckles’).

A telescopic boom lift is perfect for jobs that require the height and ability to manoeuvre, but for more stationary work; it’ll hold you high up and perfectly in place for longer periods of time.   

What’s the average cost of boom lift hire?

Knuckle boom lift hire rates range anywhere from around $190 a day for a 30ft reach, to $300 a day for a 60ft lift. There’s a range of different lift capacities in between, so it’s entirely dependent on the specific worksite you’ll be using the machine.

Telescopic boom lift hire rates are a little more expensive for the 30ft reach with an average daily rate of $230, but levels out on the higher reach options, with about $300 per day on a 65ft reach.

All Lift offer transport to and from your site, and boom lift operator hire if required, which can all be quoted up by our friendly staff based on where you are and what you need.

genie boom lift

Some other things to consider when hiring a boom lift

It’s not all about cost. When you’re considering where to hire your boom lift, ask a lot of questions and do some research. The lowest price might be offering you a much older boom lift, without as strict a maintenance schedule as should be applied. However, a higher price might be over inflating what you should be paying. It’s finding a good medium. A reasonable price for a high quality machine that will be reliable and safe.

 Ask the following questions:

●      How old is the machine?

●      What is the maintenance schedule?

●      What is the insurance policy?

●      Are there hidden costs to the hire?

●      Do I need to add delivery?

If you have any further questions on telescopic boom lift hire or knuckle boom lift hire, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!