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What are typical forklift hire rates?

If there was one question we get asked the most, It’s ‘how much does it cost to hire a forklift?’. We’re always more than happy to be transparent about our pricing, and offer price matches on certain machines to ensure you’re getting the most reliable machines for your project from a trusted team. However, it’s not a very easy question to answer in broad terms. There are a number of factors that go into the rate quote of a hired forklift or access equipment. The quickest way to know your forklift hire price is to chat to us about your project and get a personalised quote.

However, we can help you better understand the costing process, how we make our hiring price decisions and the costs that you may not be aware of. 


There are certain questions we need answered to assist with the forklift hire rates quote. Although others might pop up as we get a better idea of your machine needs, broadly speaking these will get us close to the right rate for you, your job and your budget.

How long do you need to hire the forklift for?

It’s important to take note that your guess on how long you will need a forklift for, and how long it actually takes, may not be the same. For this, either add extra time into your day/week/month estimation or allow some flexibility into your budget should your hire time be longer. Typically, forklift hire is scaled based on days if you require it for less than seven days, weekly if less than a month, and monthly for any time beyond that. We do understand that project times can blow out unexpectedly though, and are happy to adjust initial quotes to the next hire rate to make sure it’s as cost effective for you as possible. (Example, if you end up with a forklift for a week or longer, but are hiring on a daily rate, we will adjust to be on a weekly rate, which is cheaper pro-rata each day). 

We can also negotiate long-term, ongoing forklift hire. 

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What do you need the forklift for, what is the application?

Often, our consultations reveal customers need a different machine than they expect, particularly for those who are new to forklifts. When we know the details of the job/s you need done, our highly experienced team will be able to match you to the right machine based on height, weight and functionality needs. You could find that you in fact need a smaller machine with greater manoeuvrability; or a heavy lifting forklift for bigger operations. Each machine comes with a different hire rate. Also very hard environments and high usage can alter hire rates.

Do you have driving experience and/or a forklift licence?

Part of our forklift hire service can include a forklift operator if required. If you either do not have a forklift licence, or are understaffed and need assistance with the forklift, they are highly skilled and experienced in multiple industry environments. They also know the machines very well and you can be assured of the safety of your onsite team. 


Fuel used during hire

Much like renting a car, the fuel consumption during the hire period is a cost that you take on with the hire. When you return the machine to us, we can charge you a fee per litre of diesel replaced, or it can be returned with a full tank without further charges. 

Finance for forklift hire

We have a dedicated finance partner who specialises in equipment finance. They provide tailored options depending on your specific needs and business situation. Let us know if you require this option and we will send you in the right direction. 

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