We stock a wide range of telehandlers for our Sydney customers, specifically suited to the needs of their industries. From construction to warehouse, and everything in between, we have a telehandler that will provide you with lift, drop and manoeuvrability capabilities that not only get the job done, but keep your team safe. Telehandlers achieve lift and move functions that simply cannot be done without the help of a trusted machine, and with our meticulously cared for fleet, you know you have a reliable machine on site.


Types of telehandlers we hire in Sydney

We have a telehandler to suit any lifting requirements you have on your site, on any terrain, in any environment. Our rotational telehandlers and heavy telehandlers scale in weight and reach capacities, making them suitable for indoor, warehouse work, and larger, construction or road work; from 2.5 tonne and 6m reach, to 50 tonne and 51m  reach (on respective machines). 

We also have a range of attachments that significantly improve capabilities of the machines and so, stretching the value and your productivity on site further. 


Our experience with telehandlers for hire in Sydney

The greatest point of difference that All Lift offers is that we are not only skilled in the hire service of telehandlers, but we also have a long history in the very industries our customers are in. This gives us the edge in genuinely understanding the needs of a wide range of worksites, and therefore being able to match the right telehandler to those needs. We have worked with the telehandlers we helped you choose in our hire fleet, and can recommend based on first hand experience and knowledge. We are also acutely aware of the importance of listening to the needs of customers (again, having been in those shoes) and collaborating our knowledge with those needs. More than knowing the effectiveness of having the right telehandler for the job, we know how detrimental (even dangerous) it can be to have the wrong one. It is our highest priority to help direct you to the best one for your needs, and it’s only with our extensive experience and second-to-none expertise that we are able to do that. 

We offer a highly personalised service at competitive rates. 

Servicing and repairs

Our service doesn’t stop at hiring telehandlers, we also take care of the servicing and repairs both outside of the hire and during your hire period. If there are any issues with your machine, we can come out on site to fix the issues, saving you time and money. 

Learn more about our servicing and repairs for telehandlers in Sydney

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Want to know more?
Operator hire for telehandlers in Sydney

If you are not licensed to operate a telehandler, and do not have a licensed operator onsite, we offer highly experienced operators to come out and fulfil the requirements of the job. This option is convenient and also ensures the safety of your worksite, and everyone on it.

Short and long term telehandler hire

Whether you need a telehandler for a day, a year, or longer, we can provide a hiring period that suits your requirements. It’s all about making sure that your telehandler hire experience is as seamless as possible, and more than worth your investment in time and money.

Where in Sydney do we service?

We service Sydney and greater Sydney. If you are unsure if we service your area, please call our friendly team today. If we are unable to commit to the job, we can assist you in finding a telehandler for hire in your area.

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