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Why rent a forklift?

For most businesses, hiring forklifts makes more sense than buying because:

  • Rental costs are typically tax-deductible
  • Minimum capital outlay - we usually require just the monthly payments and the initial transport charges
  • Our rental cost is fully inclusive of all fair wear and tear damage and normal scheduled repairs so there are no hidden costs
  • You have the flexibility to rent a minimum quantity of equipment and during periods of demand, top up your fleet with short term forklift rental
  • Ability to change forklifts and adapt to your business requirements
  • All work safety requirements / replacement parts, modernising or updates relating to the hired forklift will be completed at our cost - not yours.
How to find the right forklift or machine for your job

You could spend hours, days or even weeks researching what forklift you need… Or, you can try our Find a Machine tool.

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