From Magni to Toyota and Dieci, our leading forklift brands come with a quality guarantee that is truly second to none. We know that buying a forklift can be a big leap of faith and decent investment (one that you shouldn’t take lightly). With that, we want Sydney customers to engage in a lifelong trust in the benefits of forklifts, not sell you junk and tarnish the good name of these great machines. 

All Lift’s forklift range is maintained, serviced and meticulously cared for up until sale, then we are on hand for anything you need after you buy your new or used forklift from us.


Types of new & second hand forklifts we sell in Sydney, NSW

Our forklifts for sale in Sydney, NSW are chosen with the knowledge they’ll cater to a wide scope of industries, worksites and terrains. The types of forklifts for sale we stock are: 

We can help you navigate through to the right machine type for you. 


Our experience with forklifts for sale in Sydney

In case you missed it, we just absolutely love ‘em. We know a lot about them, yes. But, more than that, we know a lot about their application in different environments. It can be really tricky to know off hand which forklift is good for you and the job/s you need it for. The extensive experience of our skilled team is a true asset you should take advantage of. From being in the forklift game specifically for decades, to team members who have worked in your industry and migrated over to machine-side, there’s a wealth of knowledge to lead you to the right forklift. 

Again, we see no point in pushing for quick sales for the wrong machine. The jig will be up pretty soon, and no one wins. It’s also simply unsafe. Your worksite will have specific requirements and getting the wrong machine for the job and the space puts you, your operator and everyone else on site at risk. They are designed with functionality in mind; to make the most of that, it should be used in its intended environment. Navigating you to that right machine is our number one priority, and our experience makes us capable of achieving that.

New and used forklifts for sale in Sydney

Getting a new forklift doesn’t always have to mean getting a brand spanking new forklift model. While this is the right machine in some instances, we offer the highest quality used forklifts at great prices. Our brands, quality and maintenance aren’t diluted with our second hand forklifts for sale, and we sell them as close to as-new as possible. It can be a great way to venture into forklift ownership, with lower costs for a reliable machine and a full brief on the machine’s history. 

We also have a broad range of new forklifts that are ideal for any worksite. They are quality controlled and come with warranty. 

Servicing and repairs

We specialise in the servicing and repair of forklifts across all models, including diesel, rough terrain, electric and LPG. We have a convenient service van equipped with spare parts and applicable tools to come onsite and do the work on the spot, saving you time on your worksite, and time lost in turnaround. 

You can read more about our forklift repairs and servicing here, or contact repairs enquiries at service@alllift.com.au.

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Where in Sydney do we service?

We conveniently service Sydney and greater Sydney. If you are unsure if you are in a serviceable area, call us right away to discuss options (we are very likely able to assist, but we will also help guide you to reliable services we are happy to recommend). 

Looking to buy a forklift in Sydney? Contact us today! 

Alternatively, you might be looking to hire a forklift before you buy.


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