How broad is our range?

We are really proud of the vast fleet of forklifts we have available for hire for our Melbourne customers. From compact forklift options to heavy duty forklift trucks, we have a machine to suit any worksite for any job. It was always our intention to have a range of forklifts that could not only provide peace of mind hiring to businesses and site managers, but also be able to offer a flexible experience as needs change and grow. Sometimes this can happen over time, as a business’s own client gets larger and their machine size requirements scale. Sometimes, this can be within a matter of days, as unexpected jobs arise. It’s our job to have a machine on hand to function in any environment. 

Our wide range of brands include Magni, Liugong, CVS Ferrari, Bomaq, Manitou and more.


What kind of machines do we have?

We have EVERYTHING. Not big-noting ourselves, we simply just stock every kind of forklift you need for your job. If we, for some reason, do not have what you need, we will go to the ends of the earth to find it for you. We have:

You also don’t need to know right away which forklift you need. We work with you to learn more about your job and worksite, the terrain and the applicable requirements to assist with narrowing down the type and brand of forklift you need.


Do we do short and long term forklift hires?

Sure do! We can offer one day hire or you have the option of hiring long term, even for years. We can work with you on a day by day basis, and help you forecast your hiring needs. We are also here to help if your need for a forklift ends sooner or later than predicted. If your exact machine is due for hire elsewhere, we will either replace your machine or make alternative arrangements for the next hire. Improving the productivity of your worksite is the aim, and we make sure we incorporate that as much in hiring times and processes as we do the effectiveness of the machines themselves.

Where we service in Melbourne?

We service all of Melbourne and greater Melbourne, and can discuss working with sites further out on a case by case basis. It all comes down to ability to transport; if the possibility is there, we can do it. Call our friendly team for further information and clarification on your hire options based on your location. 

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The All Lift difference

We pride ourselves on our customer-first approach. This is evident in the first call experience you will have with our knowledgeable team, right through to the end of your hire and onto your next one. We offer personalised advice and spend a lot of time and effort ensuring we have as much information about your specific needs and site as possible. 

We also provide reliable servicing, forklift repairs and maintenance of our machines for quality assurance and peace of mind. If there are any issues with the machine you’ve hired, we have dedicated team members ready to come and assist as quickly as possible. 

Are you looking to hire a forklift in Melbourne? Explore our Melbourne forklift hire range today. 

Or, enquire about purchasing a forklift today.

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