skyjack scissor lift hire

Your go-to guide to scissor lift hire

Scissor lifts are an incredibly useful machine for a wide range of at height jobs, both inside and out. They are a safe, functional and versatile piece of equipment that can, literally, elevate the efficiency of your project. They provide a stable platform for you and your team to complete installations and maintenance on any high structure securely and to a high standard. If you’re new to scissor lift hire, or want to know more about the scissor lift hire process, here’s the go-to guide to hiring one for your next or current project. 

How much should a scissor lift hire cost?

At All Lift, we pride ourselves on offering competitive rates for superior machines with a quality guarantee. Our scissor lift hire in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney. Offered with training, demos and an operator if required. We are well within the national average for scissor lift hire, but ensure we provide added value so that you get the most out of the equipment to finish your project successfully. 

For more information, you can request a quote from us today. 

What jobs/projects can I use a scissor lift for?

Any job that is at a height is going to potentially require the use of a scissor lift to ensure the safety and security of your operators. But, there are different scissor lifts for different jobs and it’s important to know the differences. Use the information below to help you navigate what will work best for you and your project. 

What is the difference between Electric/Rough (All) Terrain/Speed Level/Athena?

An electric scissor lift like our Skyjack SJIII 4626 DC is best for high capacity and large platform areas, perfect for an on-slab application. Their variable speed rear wheel hydraulic drive means they can work to heights up to 11.75m with 25% gradeability. They’re maneuvering capabilities also means they are functional in very small spaces, and feature a 0.91m roll out extension neck. Our SJ3215 and SJIII3219 electric scissor lifts also have durable steel swing-out component trays, so you get unrestricted access for more efficient maintenance and service work.

Electric scissor lifts are the most suitable for indoor work in warehouses and industrial sheds, while diesel all-terrain scissor lifts are going to be better for higher heights, and generally for outdoor projects rough terrain grounds. Our SJ9241 Rough Terrain is suitable for heights up to 17.24m with heavy duty capabilities, and our B-159 Rough Terrain is perfect for at height work up to 19.5m, 1000kg lifting capacity and can be operated under load while fully extended. 

Our speed levellers sigma lift can climb gradients of up to 50%, and can automatically self-level and be driven on compound slopes without the need for outriggers. The Snorkel SL30SL is equipped with a roll-out deck extension as standard for additional reach over low level obstacles. 

The Athena bi-levelling scissor lift is the world’s most versatile and productive self-propelled scissor lift and the only tracked scissor lift in the world, giving you the ability to move on and work on almost any ground condition. Hire Athena scissor lifts with All Lift for a compact, innovative lift that can help you get the job done with maximum efficiency and safety. When you’re working on slopes or uneven terrain, this equipment can do the work that others can’t. 

Do I need a license to operate a scissor lift?

The good news here is that under state and federal law, operators of scissor lifts do not need a high risk WP licence for scissor lifts. This licence only applies to boom type machinery that is >11m. State to state rules vary so please check your states rules with worksafe, it can be a mandatory requirement of the employer to ensure that fall protection is adopted with adequate risk-control measures undertaken.

We do have many ticketed operators at All Lift if you're caucious of using this machinery or simply don't have someone on site, we can organise for your machine to come equipped with an operator to ensure the smooth success of your project, whether it be short or long term.

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