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Why we’re getting involved in Movember 2021

It might make our partners cringe and our 1970s’ forefathers wonder what the big deal is, but we’re super excited to be at that famous time of year, Movember. We spoke last month about men’s mental health in the construction industry, and our dedication to men’s health is as much about physical as it is mental. In fact, they are often intertwined. With that, we grow the mo. 

What is Movember?

When a cause has a gimmick it equally attracts attention, and can also detract from what it is truly about. While we love the novelty of watching our own mustache efforts grow, and the top notch attempts of those who spend the whole month tending to three upper lip tendrils, it’s the cause itself that really grabs us.

Movember is all about raising awareness for some of the biggest killers of Australian men; that is, prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide. We discussed the instances of suicide in our men’s mental health in consutruction blog, and the statistics around prominent male cancer is as jarring. 

  • Around 850 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year
  • Testicular cancer is experienced most by men between 25 and 40
  • In 2020, 3,152 men died of prostate cancer in Australia 
  • There were over 16,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer last year.

The Movember initiative isn’t just about awareness alone, they have strategies for making a real difference and helping men identify early red flags across the board, get help in those early stages and significantly lower the risk of these issues becoming severely life altering or even life threatening. 

How we are getting involved

It’s not all about the ‘stache. We are all growing our flavour savours for fundraising coin. In 2019, our efforts amounted to $11,500 and we’re aiming to beat that this year! 

We’ll be posting our progress on our social media and running fundraisers that we’ll keep you up to date with. You can also donate directly to our page, and support us along the way. 

Even better, join us! Tag us in your own mo effort and keep this incredible initiative alive, and more men healthy and alive.