Why Magni is the telehandler of choice for the construction site

There are so many considerations to make when you’re choosing a machine to buy or hire for your construction site. At All Lift, we have always been able to pride ourselves on our vast knowledge and experience in the industry, which helps us work easily with you to find the right fit for your needs. Once you know your requirements, then it’s time to choose the brand. We are equally on hand to help you with that, and in our experience the Magni is the clear front runner for the construction industry. Our job isn’t to convince you as we only stock brands that we completely back. 

Benefits of Magni Telehandlers

Magni telehandlers are known for their innovative design and exceptional handling. They also carry a bit of status with them, and their bright Ferrari red brand is hard to miss! When it comes to actually putting your budget toward a Magni though, these are the specifics that we think make them really shine:

Super versatile

Magni systems make it really easy to quickly change over accessories as the requirement of the telehandler shifts over the course of a job. This simply applied multi-function means you get heaps of productivity and efficiency out of one machine. Especially for construction sites where time constraints are tight, this is a superior function.

They’re innovators

Magni has a leading reputation in research and development for their designs and choice of raw materials, with incredibly precise production lines that leave very little (if any) opportunity for errors. When you get the Italian made Magni, you know that a lot has gone into it being the highest quality. 

High quality, every time

The drive, quality and craftsmanship are the three things Magni really pride themselves on, and for the most part it’s the word of mouth backing on these features that is the true deal maker. You’re rarely, if ever, going to hear someone say they had a negative experience with a Magni. 

Reaching high

Magni has the highest rotating telehandler in the world, with the RTH 6.51 having a lifting height of 51m and maximum load capacity of 6000kg. This is incredibly impressive and useful on the construction site, particularly for commercial or industrial construction.

Error adverse

Magni invests heavily in technologies that significantly reduce, or completely eliminate, opportunities for human error. Their safety levels are industry-leading, so you can have greater peace of mind that your construction site is safe and secure. This makes them a great machine for newly licensed operators, and for training. 

Want to talk more about the right Magni for you? Call our friendly team of telehandler experts and we can get you closer to the right machine to hire or buy.