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What is the best model for a diesel forklift?

Diesel forklifts are known for their grit; they’re brilliant for heavy-duty lifting, moving and positioning, and are typically more powerful than their electric and petrol counterparts. Perfect for outdoor use (equally for their function abilities as their emission levels), diesel forklifts are a mainstay on construction sites, ports, iron and steel sites and many other industrial workplaces requiring heavy lifting, manoeuvring and transporting. While diesel forklifts have these broadly recognised benefits, there are differences between certain models that fulfil different requirements. If you’re looking for the best model in these forklifts, the trick is matching it to your needs. 

The best diesel forklift model for: intricate work on rough terrain

Liugong 2.5T Diesel C Series

It might look smaller than other forklifts, but the Liugong 2.5T Diesel is actually incredibly spacious and ergonomic for the operator, and is perfect for rougher terrains. It has wide tires for great traction and added stability in tighter, tougher conditions that still require precision. It can also get through as high as 45℃ conditions thanks to its engine/transmission/hydraulic ventilation system. For this, we typically suggest this model for farming, brick yards and construction sites that need to withstand the elements above and below for fairly long periods of time. 

The best diesel forklift for: safety first

Toyota 7FGK

We preface this by saying, ALL forklift use should be done with a safety first mentality. However, there are forklifts that take the safety measures up a notch, and the Toyota 7FGK is one of them. If you’re fairly new to forklift operation, or have a high-density outdoor workplace that requires greater risk aversion measures, this one's for you. It has an Active Control Stabiliser and an Active Mast Function Controller which gives it this super elevated amount of stability and safety for the operator, and everyone in close proximity to the machine. This doesn’t squash its functionality though; it can still hoist 1.9 tonnes without issue, and is agile in smaller spaces.

The best diesel forklift for: operator comfort

Toyota 5FD/5FG

Toyota really went all out to ensure operator comfort on this model of diesel forklift. Sure, there’s some nostalgic familiarity to the reverberation of the machine when the engine kicks in, working over rougher or gritty terrain, but it’s not nice on the teeth after a while. They used what they call a ‘full-floating system’ that essentially elevates and cushions the operator’s area to ensure there is a significant decrease in jolting. For longer jobs, both in a day and over the course of a project, this machine can eliminate risk of discomfort and long-term physical issues while improving general enjoyment and longevity for the operator. 

The best diesel forklift for: big work in small spaces

Liugong 1.5T Diesel CPCD15

This is a small but mighty machine! It is perfect for manoeuvring heavy loads when you don’t have a lot of space to work with. However, this doesn’t mean it needs to be confined to just this purpose. It has the ability to travel longer distances with ease, even on rough terrain, and transport bulkier materials through both narrow and wide spaces. It’s been designed to auto balance according to load weight and distribution which makes the safety standard just that bit higher.  

We could talk about the benefits of all our diesel forklifts all day; each of the models we stock have their unique capabilities and advantages, just as you have your unique requirements. While we’ve listed the forklifts above based on common enquiries we receive at All Forklift and Access Equipment, there is still a whole fleet of diesel forklifts that could be perfect for you! 

Contact us today to talk through what you’re after, or what your job or project is, and we can help you get closer to a forklift match.