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What are the benefits of buying a used forklift

Using a forklift on your work site has huge benefits. You know this, because you’re here! But there’s another factor to consider when looking at getting one: do you buy used or new? There are obvious benefits to a new forklift, which covers all the reasons we like anything new; it’s shiny. But, it can be really worth your while to not discount a used forklift. Especially a well-serviced, looked after and tested machine. With that, here are our top benefits of buying a used forklift.

Cost saving

It’s no breaking news that a second hand machine will save you in upfront costs. But, it’s not just the initial price that makes it so cost effective. When it comes to machinery, much like cars, the second it leaves the lot the value takes a deep dive. A brand new forklift loses its ‘new’ markup immediately, while used forklifts moving to new hands have a far more steady price point. This not only means you save on your initial purchase, but you won’t have such a big gap between purchase price and sale price if you ever need to sell.  


If a used forklift has been properly maintained over its life, you will be strapped to find a more reliable machine. At All Lift, we personally guarantee the servicing of our machines, and have a highly skilled team who not only keep the machines in perfect condition, but also drive them to ensure this is tested in practice. These machines have been tested over a variety of terrains, worksite environments and jobs and proven to be highly effective across their specific functions. 

Familiar features

Often if you’re opting in to buy a forklift, it means you have had the experience of hiring a forklift to operate on your site. With that, there is a higher level of familiarity for a seasoned model that you are comfortable with. While newer models may have updated features, if you are aware of what you need and what forklift will perform the best at this, nothing can trump experience. You won’t get any confusing functionality surprises, or realise that a shiny new tech option is actually not something you truly need. 

Quality guarantee

Our used forklifts are a fleet that includes not only finely-tuned serviced machines, but also some of the most reputable brands in the industry, globally. We take the best care of the best machines. Quality comes in the shape of functionality, sturdiness, technical capabilities, safety standards and manoeuvrability. Used forklifts have demonstrated their worth in all these areas and are ready to go for improving the productivity and efficiency of any worksite. 

Essentially, your forklift purchase is going to be a personal one. Certainly, there are plenty of people who are more swayed to buying a new forklift, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that choice. But, if you’re a little more conservative on the cost front and find comfort and trust in a tried and tested forklift, it’s very much worth your while to strongly consider the used forklift purchase route.

Not ready to buy? Benefits to long-term hire of a used forklift

Opting for long-term hire of a used forklift provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses not yet ready to commit to a purchase. This arrangement offers numerous advantages, starting with reduced upfront costs compared to buying a new forklift. Long-term hire allows businesses to allocate their budget more efficiently, avoiding a substantial initial investment. Additionally, hiring a used forklift provides the opportunity to assess its performance and suitability for specific tasks before making a long-term commitment. This trial period ensures that the chosen forklift aligns with the operational needs and requirements of the business. Furthermore, long-term hire agreements often include maintenance and support services, relieving businesses of the burden of upkeep and ensuring the equipment remains in optimal condition throughout the rental period.