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Need a forklift but don’t have a licence? Operator hire is your new best mate.

It’s one thing to know you need a machine on your worksite. It’s a given that they will significantly improve the functionality, efficiency and productivity of the job. But, there’s one link missing for anyone who doesn’t personally have a forklift licence, or someone already on site who has one. Getting a forklift licence takes time, skill and money (you can’t just duck out and grab one in your lunch break). This is where operator hire can step in and make sure your job is completed quickly and safely in the best hands.  

What are the benefits of operator hire?

First and foremost, taking advantage of operator hire means you have peace of mind that a highly skilled professional is at the wheel of our heavy duty machines. This keeps everyone on site safe. Our team are licensed to drive our entire fleet including:

  • LF (forklift)

  • Telehandler (gold card)

  • Crane licence (CN)

  • Elevated work platform (yellow card) 

  • Elevated work platform over 11 metres (WP). 

It’s not just the technical and legal requirements that make operator hire extremely beneficial to your work site. Their experience working with teams and communicating effectively while operating a machine makes them an asset to the productivity of any given job. They know the best way to manage and manoeuvre machines, and how to make them work to top proficiency at all times.

Are operators included in the price of hire?

While we’d like to say that operator hire is an invaluable service and worksite asset (because it is!), we do offer it at a fee to cover the working hours of our team. Operator hire starts from $160 per hour with 2.5T telehandler. Our operators have a minimum hire rate of 4 hours, but can be utilised for as long as is required.  

Why it’s a good idea to hire a forklift and operator at the same time

The greatest advantage to hiring an operator with your machine is the operator’s familiarity with our machines, specifically. While they are skilled in operating a number of machines, we ensure that our team knows all the ins and outs of each brand, type, size and weight capabilities in our hire fleet. Even if you have someone on site who is licenced to drive, it’s helpful to hire an operator to mitigate fatigue and keep your worksite as safe as possible. This is particularly so on bigger jobs that run over several weeks or months. 

Having an operator hired with your machine also ensures that it will be well taken care of, with risk of damage minimised and taken off your shoulders.

What is the process of hiring an operator?

This is the easiest part! Every operator in our team is qualified and skilled, so it’s just a matter of contacting All Lift Forklifts and Access Equipment through our enquiry form or call us on your relevant state number:

  • Sydney - 1300 729 700 

  • Brisbane - 1300 729 077

  • Melbourne - 1300 493 375

Once we have worked with you to narrow down the right machine for your job requirements, we’ll then organise the right operator for the machine and time you need them. Expect a wholly reliable service from beginning to end.     

In the meantime, if you’re interested in acquiring your own machine licence, we offer operator training!

Our machine training modules include:

  • Forklift Licence (LF Class Licence) 

  • EWPA Yellow Card Licence (EWPA Yellow Card)

  • EWPA Telehandler Licence Gold Card (EWPA Gold Card) 

  • Machine Familiarisation Training

Contact us today for more information.