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Meet the new design TH Range by Magni!

We would say we didn’t think the Magni TH range could possibly improve, but we’d never underestimate the innovation of this brand. The overall dimensions of these units are more compact without sacrificing their hefty lifting capacity, making it move freely in every jobsite and under all conditions. So, let’s get to know the TH Range a little better…

What does the new TH Range have to offer?

The axles, equipped with multi disc brakes in oil bath ensures with the 4WD and the 4WS a perfect traction on the ground. Even in the most severe conditions the levelling system, standard for this range, helps the operator to work on irregular terrain, granting +/-8° adjustments.

The chassis is lowered (except TH5.5.24 and TH6.20) compared to the other TH machines, to guarantee an extra stability when the load is suspended. In doing so it shifts the centre of gravity downwards, making it even more stable and adherent to the ground also in off-road conditions. 

The seven inch touch screen helps the operator to easily visualise the main info about different features of the unit (driving/lifting/outriggers/cab management) making this system very intuitive. 

It helps the operator control and manage the machine by showing written messages in 11 languages! 

The stabilisers pivot, are quick to deploy and position, thanks to the auto-levelling system. They guarantee maximum stability thanks to the large contact surface. When closed there is no protrusion, perfect for moving around tight space. Also, the machines are equipped with a powerful Deutz engine, designed for easy access and maintenance. 

The Magni software allows management of flow sharing, guaranteeing both safety and precision of each hydraulic movement (up to 3/4 movements at a time). The boom is manufactured in high-tensile steel, making it extremely tough but flexible. 

An automatic attachment system is fitted as standard on all TH Range machines on the boom head, making our equipment very safe and interchangeable with attachments between TH and RTH ranges. 

Each model is equipped with 4-wheel drive and steering to ensure maximum stability in every condition. This solution allows maximum freedom of movement and 3 types of steering. 

The TH range by MAGNI is composed by the following units:

  • TH5.8 (industry and mining version)

  • TH5.5.15

  • TH5.5.19

  • TH5.5.24

  • TH6.10

  • TH6.20

Download for more information! 

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