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Long Term Machine Hire

No matter the size or duration of your project or job, we offer long-term rental options for forklifts, telehandlers, and scissor lifts tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need equipment for a few months or several years, we can customise a flexible rental period to align with your initial schedule and adapt to any modifications that may arise.

Long term hire products and brands

Every project is unique, and at All Lift we've taken great care in curating our equipment selection to precisely meet our customers' distinct needs. Our aim was to ensure that our machinery capabilities cover a wide range of project scales, requirements, and durations with reliable long-term hire of the industry's top-tier brands. For us, that means Manitou, Magni, and Dieci – brands renowned for their trustworthiness, reliability, functionality, innovation, and their compatibility with the leading sectors in the Australian market.

Industry-leaders in long-term forklift, telehandler and scissor lift hire

Our machines are top-notch, but it's just as important for our team to be excellent too. We work hard to gain your trust when you rent equipment for a long time, and we also want to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Our team comes from different backgrounds and has experience in various industries. Some of us have worked in the same industries as our customers. This is really helpful because it means we can understand what you need and help you find the perfect machine.

We know a lot about machines and long-term rentals. This is what makes us different from others. We take good care of our forklifts, telehandlers, and scissor lifts, and we want to give you a great customer service experience so that you'll feel like part of the All Lift family.

Telehandler range for long-term hire

Our telehandlers come from the best brands in the machine industry: Magni, Dieci, and Manitou. We take good care of our telehandlers to make sure they work really well, almost like new. Our goal is to give you a reliable machine that's easy to use and doesn't cost too much. We also want our telehandlers to be useful for different kinds of work at various sites.

Our telehandlers can carry weights from 2.5 tonnes to 50 tonnes, and they can reach as far as 6 metres to 51 metres.


Forklifts for long-term hire

We've got a great variety of forklifts you can use for long-term hire on your worksite. It doesn't matter if your job is small and indoors or big and tough to get to, we have a forklift that will help you work better and safer. We'll help you figure out which forklift is just right for your job. And if your job changes or the forklift isn't the best fit, we'll quickly get you a different one that works better.

We have forklifts from brands like Magni, Liugong, CVS Ferrari, Bomaq, Manitou, and more.

Scissor Lift long-term hire

We're really committed to what we do. When we decided to offer scissor lifts for long-term rentals, we made sure to choose the best brands and the most popular types of machines for our fleet. We went with top brands known all over the world, and we picked scissor lifts that can help worksites be more efficient and productive.

With that, the types of scissor lifts All Lift have for our customers are:

  • Electric Scissor

  • Diesel Scissor

  • Rough Terrain

The brands we have for scissor lift hire are:

  • Skyjack

  • Genie

  • Athena

  • Magni

  • LGMG

Servicing and repairs of machines through your hire period

Once you hire a machine from All Lift, you want to ensure that your machine is going to be reliable throughout the entire hire period. We offer convenient servicing and repairs to all our ling-term hire customers, even coming out to the site to conduct any work required to keep your workflow running smoothly.

Learn more about our servicing and repairs.

Areas we service for long-term hire

We service Adelaide, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, plus all surrounding areas. If you are unsure if that includes your area, call us at any time to discuss your options. We are happy to help, even if that is directing you to a service we are comfortable recommending.