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Let’s hear it for the mums of All Lift!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it a million more times, All Lift’s backbone is found in the brilliant team we not only call our workmates, but also our family. We’re not a team who countdown the hours to the end of the day, it’s a really special group we’re incredibly proud of. With that, and Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought we would dedicate this particular shout out to the backbone of a lot of families: the mums!

We asked the women in our team to share their most valuable lessons learnt from their mums, from being mums or from mum-figures in their lives. It’s advice we can all take on, and just one more thing that to add to the long list of knowledge we learn from these women every day.

Sharon, Retail Service & Administrator

'When covid lockdown happened, I was feeling rather down. I received a text from my Mum saying "knock knock". I opened my front door to find cupcakes, iced with "Covid Sucks" and a note saying, "thinking of you, Love Mum".

 Rather than passing on advice, she effortlessly guides us with her actions. She is my confidante, best friend, cheerleader and devil's advocate and I cannot imagine my life being half as full without her. I hope that I make her proud with everything I do. She has the patience of a saint and a heart as big as can be and she has passed on that to her children to mould us into the best people we can be. 

(Well, I am still working on the patience, sorry Mum)'

Kelly, Sales Admin

‘As a “newbie” to All Lift, I thought I’d share a little line from the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe that I remind myself daily about.

“My family raised me to be kind and treat everyone as you want to be treated.

Everyone has a place in life from the cleaner to the CEO, respect and appreciate that”.’

Natalie, Spare Parts Manager

‘My mum is my super woman, role model and my rock. She worked three jobs whilst raising five kids on her own, if there is one thing she taught me it’s:

Learn EVERYTHING so you never have to rely on anyone but yourself, that way if something doesn’t go right you have no one to blame but you, living by this philosophy has taught me to grasp everything life has thrown my way with a big smile on my face!! 

Blessed that she is still around to remind me that life is too short to be disappointed in yourself, and to make the most out of EVERY situation!!’

Lauren, Transport Melbourne 

‘My parents often used the same mottos:

“Treat everyone as you want to be treated” and; 

“Be grateful, there is always someone out there worse off. Appreciate the little things!”’