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Is it better to hire or buy a scissor lift?

When it comes to the question of ‘should I hire or buy a machine’ there’s no one answer. Especially when it’s something as eternally useful as a scissor lift; there’s always something you can use it for. But, it all depends on your specific circumstances, and understanding the factors that would sway you one way or the other. For All Lift, it’s all about ensuring you walk out our doors with the exact right machine and purchase type for your needs now, and in the future. Here are the questions, answers and considerations we put to our customers when they’re deciding between hiring and buying a scissor lift. 


How much do you care about having the latest model?

If you go through a reputable and reliable machine hire company like All Lift, you know you’re going to get a top quality scissor lift regardless of if you’ve bought or hired one. The difference with hire machines, though, is that you have access to the latest models, technologies and innovations as they are released. If this is an important part of your want for a scissor lift, or any machine, then hiring could be your best bet. 

While it might seem that scissor lifts can only advance so far, if you’re a seasoned operator of one you probably recognise the leaps and bounds they can take to being safer and more efficient. For example, in recent years scissor lifts had made great advancements in variable tilt technology, improvements to chassis design, and quick self-levelling capabilities on rough terrain. We expect continued growth in the design of scissor lifts, so if you’re after the latest technologies in your machines, hiring is probably the right route for you.

How long do you want/need a scissor lift?

If you’re after short term use of a scissor lift, even consistent short term use, then hiring is likely the most cost effective avenue to take. While scissor lifts are different to a lot of other machines in that they’re uses are arguably more varied and consistently required on almost any worksite, if they’re not used all day every day, there is a good chance you should opt out of the bought investment and hire instead. Where convenience comes into play is in who you hire from. We go above and beyond to offer extremely tight turnaround times on hire machines, and can have one delivered to you quickly, even within a few hours if possible. 

Opting for long-term hire of your scissor lift offers a range of benefits. Providing cost predictability, this option enables you to manage your budget effectively over an extended period. You can also access the latest equipment without the capital investment required for purchasing, staying technologically up-to-date. Additionally, our long-term hire of machines includes maintenance and servicing, reducing downtime and repair costs. It offers flexibility, allowing you to scale your fleet as needed, and it can be a tax-efficient choice, potentially offering deductible rental expenses. This approach streamlines your operations, ensuring you have the right equipment when you need it, and simplifies financial planning.

Do you want to buy a scissor lift, but are unsure on which model/type?

Sometimes hiring is your best course of action when you want to buy. Buying is a big investment you don’t want to get wrong. The best way to know what to buy is to try. Hiring fees are much lower compared to buying, and it offers you a great sense of true understanding about how certain models and types of scissor lifts will work on your site in real time. We offer a huge range of scissor lift hire makes and models, and can arrange convenient delivery, pick-up and onsite maintenance and repairs where needed. 

Are you looking for easy convenience if something goes wrong?

Hiring means you can immediately exchange your scissor lift if something goes wrong, and barely miss a beat in your site’s productivity. This is a huge advantage to hiring a scissor lift and, we find, one of the main reasons people opt into the hire process. 


  • Hiring comes with ongoing fees, and the investment is purely for the time you use the scissor lift.
  • You are relying on the maintenance and servicing of the place you hire from (All Lift have a meticulous schedule, but we know that can’t be said for all hire companies).
  • You could be using a machine you’re unfamiliar with, which can take time to figure out.


Are you constantly hiring the same scissor lift?

While buying a scissor lift is a big initial investment, once you’ve bought it, that’s it. If you take excellent care of it, retain an adequate servicing schedule and only ever have highly capable operators use your scissor lift, you know you have a machine for life. The longer term payments can then be cost effective, particularly if you know your worksite/s are going to consistently require the same time of scissor lift for many years. 

Do you want to be able to recoup your investment?

As we mentioned, hire fees are in exchange for the time you use with the scissor lift. That’s your return on investment. However, if you purchase a scissor lift, you know you have an asset that you can sell down the track if you want or need to. While you are unlikely to get back what you paid, and even less likely to make a profit, you can get some (even a lot) of it back at some point. With that in mind, you can again find that buying is a more cost-effective solution than very long term hire. 

Is brand new important to you?

Unless you happen to get lucky on hiring a machine that’s hot off the conveyor belt, you’re unlikely to get a brand new one. And, of course there are plenty of options to buy high quality second hand scissor lifts. However, when you buy, that’s a choice you get to make, and it allows you the opportunity to have a never-been-used scissor lift that’s all yours. It’s not just the newness you benefit from; you can get the latest model with the best functionality and technologies available, be the first to use it, and have full control over its servicing and maintenance. If you look after them enough, you can keep it as new for many many years to come. 


  • Servicing and maintenance are your responsibility
  • Upfront costs tend to be significant
  • If anything goes wrong, you need to endure the turnaround time of having it repaired. 

Looking to hire a scissor lift or buy a scissor lift? Check out the All Lift fleet!