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Introducing our latest brand to the All Lift fleet: Bomaq

At All Lift, we never just sit around and hope for the best. We are always looking out for brands and machines that will continue to grow our reputation as the go-to forklift, telehandler, access equipment, spare parts and accessories hub. In the past few years, we introduced the ever successful Magni Telescopic Handlers, the much loved Liugong Forklifts and most recently CVS Ferrari reach stackers and container forklifts to join our already epic range of machines, and now we’re beyond excited to add the Bomaq! Especially in these uncertain times, to be able to confidently add such an asset to our fleet and be able to offer it to you and your team is a moment filled with a lot of pride for us, and a lot of benefit for you. So, without further rambling on, here’s everything you need to know about the Bomaq. 

What is Bomaq?

Bomaq is a material handling brand that has been making big waves in the industry since its inception over 15 years ago. We’ve been aware of their quality reputation in the market for a long time, and they have a great grasp on the needs and requirements of the industry in Australia. Creating a strong brand through experience and deep knowledge of what it takes to make a great machine is really what wins it over for us. They are on the same wavelength as All Lift in that regard, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to be a trusted dealer of their machines and deliver them to our loyal customers. 

What is Bomaq best used for?

Honestly, almost anything. 

We are stocking their MP Type (multipurpose concept) 3tonne to 10tonne capacity, 4WD machine, that offers (as the name suggests) a multitude of capabilities that will significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of your worksite. 

They offer high performance in everything from off-road to industrial and warehouse worksites.

These machines are particularly ideal for outdoor use, although can be used indoors (or in spaces like tunnels and under bridges). They are perfect for construction, tunnel projects, agriculture, grassed surfaces and general worksite needs, including on smaller/narrow worksite environments that may have struggled with manoeuvrability of other machines. They also offer all the benefits you typically need from a machine: reliability, quality and lift and load capacities that will get the job done right, every time. 

What are the benefits of the Bomaq?

Turning circle that’s second-to-none

ANY operator of any machine knows that a decent, tight turning circle is gold for getting even the trickiest of jobs done safely, quickly and efficiently. Bomaq are famous for their turning radius, globally. Their 4WD system makes them particularly outstanding on rough terrain, where historically a tight turning circle is sacrificed; the Bomaq 2WD and 4WD have the same turning radius. If you’ve ever worked in a tight spot, you know how invaluable this benefit is and how the other brands struggle in this department! NOT BOMAQ!

Big impact in a compact case

These are small machines with big capabilities, making them incredibly versatile to different environments and requirements. They can successfully complete almost any job, under any conditions, in any space. 

Easy upgrades

While the base model can achieve a whole lot, there are options to include additional parts like a closed cabin, AC, heating, mast heights, final tier 4 low emission engines, wiper, LED lights, multimedia systems and pattern tyres that elevate its capabilities and, so, your worksite.

Want to learn more about the Bomaq? Call our expert team today and get your site moving, today!