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How much do new and used forklifts cost?

Of course, there’s no one clear answer on this. There are a number of factors that contribute to the price of a forklift, both for new and used. While buying a new forklift might come with some relatively lower risk, you can typically expect to be spending  more upfront than its used counterpart, which may have more risk, but that’s totally dependent on the seller’s transparency and care for the machine. In both cases, it’s rarely a small coin deal. Forklifts are an investment, but one that, if you buy from a reputable company or person, will be one you won’t regret. 

How much does a new forklift cost?

Brand new standard capacity forklifts can sell from anywhere between $20,000 and $50,000, depending on the brand, model and any attachments you require. Of course, too, the higher the capacity and lift, the higher the price will rise. It will also depend on the brand. At All Lift, our materials handling equipment ranges anywhere from $500 to over $100,000 (that’s both new and used). 

These are investment machines, and we understand the price point also scales on budget, your capacity requirements, the job ahead of you and if you’re a solo contractor or purchasing for a larger construction company. The ‘cost’ of the forklift also has to consider what it might cost in other areas if you go too affordable i.e. opting for too low a capacity for a job that would really require a more heavy duty machine, which risks efficacy on the job and even the safety of your operator and on site workers. Or, the cost of going too expensive without reason. 

The aim is to work with the seller to find out exactly what you are going to need for your job, and then work within your budget when it comes to which brands to opt for, or if maybe you would be better placed to go for a used forklift. 

How much does a used forklift cost?

Of course, the same factors apply to used forklifts as new ones; capacity, lift and brand all still play a role. However, there are other things to consider when looking at the price ranges of used forklifts. For one, they vary to a much higher degree. 

You could conceivably pick up one for just a few thousand, but may still be heading over that $50,000 mark if it’s in near-new condition and a heavy duty forklift. Our current range is anywhere from $500 to around $35,000. Our used forklifts are meticulously maintained and we sell them in as close to as-new as the machine will ever get. We also equally guarantee the machine as we do our new range. 

It is always important to buy from a reputable supplier, whether buying new or used, but it is particularly important for used. You want to make sure that the seller is well versed on the life of the machine, and can vouch for its running efficacy and general condition. It can be extremely annoying, very dangerous and even a fatal mistake to not do your research on the machine, and ask around for the reputation of the seller. 

Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable about our entire range of forklifts and will be able to help you find the exact right machine for your needs. New or used, you are guaranteed a high quality machine that will significantly improve how your worksite functions. 

Consider long-term hire to minimise upfront costs

Exploring a forklift long-term hire could provide invaluable insights into your actual machine usage and needs. Even if short-term hires have you leaning towards buying, continuous access might offer a more comprehensive understanding of its benefits. At All Lift, we offer flexible long-term hire options, spanning from several months to years, complete with transparent agreements, reasonable pricing, and ongoing maintenance and assistance. What's more, our on-site repair services and prompt replacements ensure that any unexpected issues won't disrupt your operations, making your forklift experience seamless and cost-effective.

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