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Hire a forklift without it costing the earth

Being conscious of the things that cause environmental impact, and trying to find ways to limit our footprint is on the mind of a lot of us. We’re under no illusion that the hire industry has contributed to some of that impact over the years; with machines on worksites contributing emissions. At All Lift, we have spent the last few years making decisions that are in line with lowering the footprint where we can to offer a balance that we can grow and evolve. Here’s what we’re investing in for that, and how you can make choices to do the same. 

Investing in electric forklifts and rough terrain EWPs.

The key to working for a better environmental outcome has been leaning into electric machines. They offer a host of running and cost saving benefits, but our primary interest is in the benefits that help the planet. We are growing our investment in these kinds of machines because their eco-help is not just in the fact they don’t use LPG or diesel, though that is a big part. 

The primary environmental benefits of electric machines are:

Zero emissions

Electric forklifts and rough terrain EWPs, unlike their LPG or diesel counterparts, do not need fuel to run. This means carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are not emitted into the atmosphere, being hazardous in some working conditions (where there is not adequate ventilation - essentially, most indoor use), and a contributor to greenhouse gasses. 

Electric requires only a charge process and off you go. There is no difference in efficiency, strength, stamina or functionality with these machines, they simply use a different, more environmentally friendly, source of power. Studies in the US have shown that the switch from fuel to electric power on your machines can prevent over 90,000kg of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere per year. 

The batteries themselves are environmentally mindful

It’s not just the fact electric machines run on batteries, it’s the materials these batteries are made from that is also playing its part. Industrial batteries used in electric forklifts and rough terrain EWPs are full of lead, this often recycled lead (around 95% of battery lead is recycled), meaning the lead it’s made from is not going into landfill. It also means that it’s not a case of an environmentally friendlier product in its function being countered by the way it's made. From start to finish, electric industrial batteries are working to reduce emissions and waste.

The lack of exhaust fumes and heats has an energy saving run on effect

Unlike LPG and diesel machines, when they’re not being used, they’re easy and functional to just stop and start as required. There is no idling required, that guzzles gas and emits fumes and heat as the pipes increase in temperature as they’re used. If you’re working indoors, even small forklifts have an effect on the temperature of the space. With that, energy is used to have constant use of industrial level exhaust systems and fans in place, as well as air conditioning to moderate the room temperature. With electric machines, they are not contributors to the temperature nor the air quality of your workspace, meaning the energy-sapping solutions to these issues aren’t required. 

At All Lift, we are dedicated to being on top of the latest technologies in electric machines and prioritising our investment into owning and supplying them. Looking for an electric forklift or EWP for your next job? Contact our knowledgeable team today.