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Choosing the right long-term rental period

Choosing the right long-term rental period for forklifts, telehandlers, scissor lifts and accessories is a decision that requires a bit of strategy to align it to project timelines, the needs within your project and budget constraints. To determine the best duration period for your long-term hire, there are a number of considerations to cover, including an understanding that your needs might change as your project scales up or down. So, what factors do you need to think about before deciding on the right long-term rental period?

Project duration

Project duration is the most obvious consideration when choosing your long-term hire duration. However, it’s thinking about the project duration in terms of the machine needs required, rather than a blanket copy of the entire project’s expected run time (though, there are benefits to having a machine handy at all times). Think about the whole project from start to finish, and where your machine needs fall. This includes the time you'll spend planning, working on the project, and completing it. Make sure the rental period you choose gives you enough time to get everything done without rushing. It's important that your machine is available for the entire project, so you don't run into any issues or delays.

Budget constraints

Consider your budget when deciding how long to rent the machine. If you rent it for a long time, it might cost more, but if you rent it for a short time and have to renew the rental often, that can also add up. So, you need to find the right balance that works within your budget. It's about making sure you don't overspend while still having the machine when you need it for your project.

Workload variability

Think about how your workload changes. If your workload or project will have foreseeable steadiness and consistency, a longer machine rental might be the best choice for you. If your workload could predictably flag less predictability, it still might be worth getting a long term hire to keep consistency of budget and availability (rather than multiple short term hires that can get costly, plus the risk of machines not being available as and when you need them). However, it’s worth talking to us to understand the best choice for you; it could be a case of managing the type of machine you get etc.  

Maintenance and Repairs

Long-term hire can include more opportunity and need for maintenance and repairs. This is often a factor for long-term hiring, as you want to mitigate costs on this as much as possible. A way around this being too much of an issue, though, is to hire through a transparent and reputable hirer who will include this in their hiring costs and terms. At All Lift, we have on-hand onsite maintenance and repairs ready when you need it. If we are unable to repair your machine, we will replace it quickly and efficiently to ensure as little disruption to your productivity as possible. 

Project Milestones

Make sure the rental period matches your project milestones. Think about when you'll need the equipment the most during your project. It's important to have it available at crucial points, like when you're starting, during important tasks, or when you're wrapping things up. Matching the rental period with these milestones ensures you have the equipment when it's most essential, helping your project run smoothly and efficiently. 

By carefully weighing these factors, you can make an informed decision regarding the ideal rental duration that maximises project efficiency while staying within budget constraints. The All Lift team are always on hand to help you with your forklift, telehandler and scissor lift long term rental hire and can assist you with finding the right length you need your hire period to go.