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Case Study: Toyota for Direct Couriers

Direct Couriers have been long-time clients and friends of All Lift. When we say ‘long time’, we’re not kidding… For over 18 years, we have been supplying them with machines that assist with their day-to-day productivity, and then working with them as they have grown from just one HQ in Sydney, to expanding to Melbourne, Brisbane and now Adelaide. 

Direct Couriers and All Lift: power couple

Being one of our first clients on the All Lift books, we’ve worked hard to forge a strong and lasting relationship with Direct Couriers. As always, clients are our first priority, so we have really showcased our ‘above and beyond’ promise with these guys, being able to support their growth, as we’ve grown right alongside them. 

We are both companies that came from modest beginnings and are now crossing state borders, growing and continue to aim high. 

The deal

The most recent deal made with Direct Couriers was to facilitate their Melbourne 3PL business to start a migration from bought machines to our hire machines. The reason being, with our hire process we take care of quarterly servicing, repairs, replacements and any other needs, to help take the cost and effort off their shoulders as their bought machines age. 

Additionally, we have secured a five year hire contract for four Toyota forklifts for their QLD HQ, and are working with them to fulfil the machine needs of their new Adelaide arm with the aim to grow that fleet as the years go on. 

The All Lift loyalty difference

We have proven ourselves time and again that we are here to prioritise customer satisfaction, and that has been showcased clearly with Direct Couriers.

Over the years, Direct Couriers have acquired multiple businesses (each time inheriting contracts with other machine suppliers) and have had many chances to shake things up. However, thanks to our dedication, reliability and ability to honour nationally standardised, consistent rates, they have returned to All Lift time after time. 

We are thrilled to be supporting Direct Couriers as they dominate their industry, and we look forward to many more years of servicing their machine needs.