Case Study: Spare Parts for Downer EDI (Ausgrid)

Every part of your forklift hire and buy is part of our dedicated service to you, including spare parts. We recently worked with Downer EDI (Ausgrid) to help with a vital part of their machine. 

When you think of spare parts and a workshop of rusty, crusty old gear piled on top of one another comes to mind, you’d be forgiven. It can be a bit of last minute thought, if one at all, for forklift hire services. But, we know that the quality of machines doesn’t begin and end with the machine you get, it’s the ongoing maintenance and the replacement of outworn parts that ensures consistent performance and safety standards.

We have a robust range of quality spare parts on hand to help with as soon as possible. We also have a dedicated team who will go the extra mile to find whatever part you need, in the timeframe you need, whatever it takes. That’s exactly how we worked with Downer EDI. 

The part:

Cable Winding machine, needed ASAP.

Why the part was needed ASAP

We have a 24hr repair to hire policy to keep the machines running. This particular part had stopped them from being able to do their job, so it was important to get it to them and have their machine up and running.  

How we did it

We had to work fast! Natalie, our Spare Parts Manager, came into the office at 9:30pm on a Friday night to pick up the part. It was then picked up at her home by our Service Tech, Ben, ready to be hand delivered first thing on Monday morning to Parkes. 

The issue he fixed for them 

Ben got the part installed and calibrated so they could continue to use their machine.

Were they happy with the service received? 

They were extremely impressed by the level of service received from both parts side and Field Service