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Benefits of regularly servicing your machine

For our entire fleet of forklifts and access equipment for hire, we are very diligent about maintaining each machine so that it is always in excellent running order ready for its next job. It is therefore our highest recommendation that when you have bought a machine, or have one for long term hire, that you too keep maintenance at the top of your priority list. We have over 30 years’ experience in the mechanical servicing of machines, across a number of makes and models, including diesel, rough terrain, electric and LPG. So, with this amount of experience, we’ve come across some pretty common reasons it’s a great idea to keep up a maintenance plan on your machine. Here are the biggest benefits you’ll see by doing so. 

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1. Lower overall cost of machine maintenance

Sure, you can wait until something goes wrong with your machine to get it looked at by a technician, but our experience shows that there is always more cost (and more damage to the machine) when maintenance is done this way. By opting instead for planned maintenance work to be done more regularly, you’re more likely to have small issues seen to and fixed before they become big, expensive (or even irreparable) problems. Think of it as giving your machine a medical (or, in this case, mechanical) check-up, just like you would with the doctor. It’ll save you a lot of money and inconvenience in the long run. 

2. Increased productivity without machine breakdowns

When your machine is reliable and not breaking down, you’re going to experience a much more seamless flow of productivity. Regular maintenance can help ensure that you’re not going to end up inconvenienced and out of pocket (for repairs, man hours wasted and lost potential profits) as you are if your access equipment or forklift service breaks. Even being down for one day can cause huge long term negative effects that can be avoided if you stick to your maintenance plan. It also means your operators know they are working a reliable machine they can count on to do the job, feeling safe and productive themselves. 

3. Safety of your operators and anyone on your worksite

The reliability of your forklift or access equipment isn’t just vital to ensure your bottom line isn’t hit, it’s also a serious and vital process to take to ensure the safety of yourself, your operators and everyone on your worksite. Forklifts and access equipment are generally used to conduct jobs that require heavy lifting, high lifting and intricate maneuvering in otherwise dangerous spaces, in a safe way. However, the risk to safety is higher if these machines suddenly stop working the way they are intended, particularly mid-job. By ensuring your machines are kept to the highest standard through regular maintenance you are significantly reducing these risks and keeping your worksite a safe, secure and reliable space for all involved. 

4. Trade-in or resale value for your machine is sustained

Of course you want to get as much life out of your machine as possible, but there are circumstances that mean you either don’t have any further use for it, or you are upgrading as a job grows. In these instances, the most common steps to take are to trade-in or re-sell your machine, and you want to get the most return on your initial investment as possible. Keeping your machine well maintained gives you the best chance of retaining its value, and gives the receiver of your machine peace of mind with a quality guarantee. 

5. Maintenance plans give you access to experienced and skilled technicians

It’s not only important to have your machine regularly maintained, it’s important to ensure your machine is maintained by the right, skilled and highly experienced technicians to avoid damage, overcharging and ongoing reliability. At All Lift Forklifts & Access Equipment, we have highly skilled technicians who live and breathe knowledge of these machines, as well as having direct access to equipment parts for all major brands. Whatever we don’t stock, we can source within 48 hours. Our forklift repair and servicing guarantee on-site breakdown, service and inspection within two hours (subject to location), offering forklift service in Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle and Melbourne. We care as much about the right maintenance for your machine as you do (maybe even more so!).  

For all servicing and repairs enquiries contact our service department on the relevant state number and remember to mention this article for 10% OFF YOUR NEXT SERVICE! 

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