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All Lift Supporting renewable energy industries

When it comes to ‘doing good’, we all try to contribute in our own way. This is particularly so for doing good for the environment. It's vital to focus on contributing to the betterment of the planet where we can. We know that not everything we do is in the pursuit of this, and being in the business of machines, we are aware of emissions. So, we work hard to not drop the ball on increasing our contribution to earth-friendly pursuits in sustainable ways. For All Lift, that means working with those building renewable energy projects in rural Australia, where they often don’t have access to the machines that will assist. 

All Lift are setting up satellite branches

The biggest hurdle renewable energy projects face is that they are typically located in rural areas, so they face many access issues when it comes to the machines and materials they need to set up and operate. All Lift’s regional HQs weren’t going to be close enough to properly support these operations, so we have set up satellite branches to ensure that if a machine needs repairing, replacing or maintenance, with small lock up containers full of parts when required, they can have quick turnaround times, high utilisations and no site downtime. 

We also have regional service support partners who keep up with quick servicing and repair requirements, with small lock up containers full of parts when required. 

Specialist equipment

In gaining experience on numerous wind and solar farms, All Lift can advise on effective procedures on implementation of the panels and the most effective equipment to use. With that, we have put a lot of emphasis on providing the 95HP Posi Track Loader for the rough terrain work and its battery operation; it is often the only machine suitable for the job. 

Additional specialist equipment we have also invested in tracked buggies, 10T telehandlers and all terrain 4x4 forklifts. 

Teletrack peace of mind

We use Teletrack to give our renewable clients a full picture of what fleet is where, how it’s performing and its utilisation, as the worksites are often vast and scaled. This ensures that the right number of machines are being used, and not too many or too little, to align with their energy conservation and consumption efforts. 

 The use of Teletrack ensures each machine is having a digital pre-start check daily, and that any damage or machine issue is raised as early as possible. This keeps us on top of all notices to visit and repair onsite. 

As part of our dedication to continued support of renewable energy projects, All Lift attended the All Energy Expo in Melbourne on 26 and 27 October this year to showcase to learn more about these sectors, and also share our own learning from a contract support position for other companies who are looking to participate and partner.