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All Lift and All Connect making machines safer than ever

At All Lift, our priority, always, is the safety of our customers using machines. While there are a number of factors that ensure a top quality service and experience with a forklift and telehandler hire and buy business, none of it is as important as keeping every operator, and everyone else onsite, safe and secure. Additionally, we want to keep our machines secure, and give you peace of mind when you hire. With that, we took usage, performance and maintenance services to a new level with All Connect, powered by Teletrack. 

What is All Connect?

All Connect has been an incredibly productive tool for the All Lift machines, particularly for hire machines. It gives you the real time data on when and how machines are being used, usage hours, fault codes and maintenance records. Not only does it keep us on top of things, but it’s additional peace of mind for customers knowing time stamped information has been collected on the machine before, during and after their hire period. It also includes options for a maintenance system to keep track of service schedules, parts and upcoming, active and past work orders. 

The system runs through a QR code placed on the machine that allows immediate access for operators, customers and All Lift to see specs, operation data and any other specific and vital information about the individual machine as needed.

All Connect is not just a clever name… 

One of the biggest benefits we find is the valuable insights into the performance of each machine based on when, how and how often it is used. It helps us and our customers make more informed decisions on when and how to operate each machine (it keeps track of fault codes), to enhance efficiency and prolong the general lifespan of the machine. If nothing gets missed, there’s far less risk of avoidable technical and operational issues, and so safety problems.  .

Safety First!

All Connect takes safety to the next level. Our integrated safety pre-start system ensures that your operators know exactly what they are working with, and how to easily and safely troubleshoot any issues that arrive (All Connect gives them all the information they need to do this). Set operation restrictions based on licensing, competencies, and permissions, and rest assured that only qualified personnel operate the machines. Additionally, the pre-start checks completed by operators guarantee added peace of mind before every use.

Seamless Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of machines can be a daunting task (though we love it!), and All Connect makes it a whole lot easier. It lets us, and you, take greater control of general fleet management with real-time updates and increased visibility. Basically, we know where the machines are, how they are being used, and when they require maintenance. This level of control allows us to assist you in optimising operations, reduce downtime, and improve productivity.

The All Connect is a pretty comprehensive system that has given us, and you!, unparalleled visibility, heightened safety, and streamlined maintenance processes. It’s always a win when we can squash inefficiencies with impressive new technology to keep things running smoothly and safely, without compromise or exception. 

Reach out to our friendly All Lift  team for more info on how All Connect can benefit your operations!