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Dedalus 28.7


Telescopic handlers (better known as telehandlers) are extensively used for heavy duty jobs in the industrial and agricultural sectors. A telehandler has the manoeuvrability of a forklift and the power of a crane. It's mainly used for moving heavy loads from say off a truck to a rooftop that is beyond the capacity of a forklift. Attachments such as pallet forks, slip on jibs, 360 degree rotating forks, bale clamps, elevated work platforms (man cages) and buckets can be used for additional functionality.

The flexibility of telehandlers even extends to the three separate steering options. These include front wheel steer, four wheel opposite steer causing the front wheels to move in a direction opposite to the rear wheels and crab steering where all four wheels answer in the same direction, leading to a diagonal movement.

Telehandler load capacity varies from model to model and differs dramatically based on a number of factors including the load dimensions and weight, boom extension, angle, use of outriggers or tyres and the surface grade. Even the most experienced forklift operator won’t be able to operate a telehandler because of their unique and complex capabilities.

Our hire specialists have the knowledge and expertise to help all customers select the right piece of equipment for their job. We work hard to assess working environments and job requirements with new and existing customers. Our reputation is key to success in such a competitive industry and our customer service cements our position within the market. Furthermore, the All Lift team provides a high level of service throughout the hire period which is unrivalled in the industry.

Maximum Lift Capacity 2800 kg
Maximum Lifting Height 6.35 m
Overall Height 1980 mm
Gross vehicle weight 6000 kg
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